1.   Players start with no Quickenings.

2.   If you have no Quickenings and take the head of an opponent with
     no Quickenings, you will gain one Quickening, selected randomly
     by the Watcher (that's me).  You will be notified which one it is. 
     Your Quickenings will be posted to the main list for all to see (and
     possibly take).

3.   You will never receive a duplicate of a Quickening you already
     have.  Nor will you ever receive a Quickening that duplicates your
     Persona ability.

4.   If you defeat an opponent with Quickenings, you gain all of them.
     Duplicates may be of value to you, see below.

5.   If you wish, and if you are not currently engaged in a duel, you
     may trade in two Quickenings for a randomly selected one.  As
     well as #3 above, you will also not receive a Quickening matching
     either of the ones you just traded in.

6.   If you have Quickenings and defeat an opponent with no
     Quickenings, you gain nothing.  This is to encourage folks with
     Quickenings to pick on each other, rather then go after weaker,
     non-Quickening opponents.

7.   If an opponent quits in mid-game, you will gain no Quickenings. 
     However, other then due to extreme extenuating circumstances,
     they will be removed from the list of Personas and prevented from
     playing further, with that Persona or any others, if this occurs.

8.   Challenging an Immortal who subsequently quits prior to the first
     turn, or never responds to your challenge, will not entitle you to
     any of their Quickenings.  His Persona and any others will be
     removed from the list, however.

9.   If you accept a forfeit from your opponent, you do not receive a
     Quickening.  If you want to take heads, keep playing.

10.  If you have more than five Quickenings, you can only use five, but
     others are held in reserve.  If you lose your head, your opponent
     gains all of them.

11.  Divine Intervention may be used to keep an opponent from using
     Quickenings during a match.  If you take the head of an opponent
     after you have Divined some or all of his Quickenings, you gain
     any remaining ones.  The ones removed by Divine Intervention are
     lost.  You cannot Divine Intervention reserve Quickenings.

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