List of Quickenings (with Reference #s)

1.   You may use one of any non-Reserved card from each Persona.  Normal card
     restrictions still apply.

2.   You may look at all Hidden attacks.

3.   You may attack areas you just blocked.

4.   When you make an Exertion to search for an attack or defense, you may make the
     Exertion one card at a time, stopping when you find the card you wish to keep or the
     full Exertion has been made.  You must still make a full Exertion to make or block
     Power Blows.

5.   [Instead of playing a Special] You may make an Exertion to remove any Situation from

6.   When you exhaust your Endurance, you only lose 3 Ability.

7.   Any of your attacks that successfully damage your opponent do an additional point of

8.   You do not need to make an Exertion to block Power Blows.

9.   You may make 3-card or 5-card Exertions.  You must announce whether the Exertion
     will be 3 or 5 cards before you draw the first card.

10.  You may use Master cards from any Persona.

11.  Instead of playing a Special card on your turn, you may discard a Special card to
     duplicate the effects of an Event played during your opponent's last turn.  Treat the
     effects as if you had played that Event.

12.  During your turn, any time you have fewer cards in your hand than your Ability, you
     may draw back up to your Ability.

13.  If forced to discard from your hand, you may choose to place any or all of those cards
     back on the top of your Endurance.

14.  You do not have to make an Exertion to make Power Blows.

15.  You may have twice the number of restricted Plots in your deck than normally allowed.

16.  You may play attacks as blocks.

17.  If you successfully block an attack, your next attack that turn may be Hidden.

18.  At the beginning of your turn, you may look at the top card of your opponent's
     Endurance.  You may use that card this turn if you immediately discard the top card of
     your Endurance.

19.  If you do not play a Special card on your turn, you may make one of your attacks that
     turn Hidden.

20.  If you have an Extra Weapon in play, you may make an Exertion to play an additional

21.  At the beginning of your turn you may discard up to two cards and replace them from
     your Endurance.

22.  At the end of his Draw Phase, your opponent must discard a card from his hand for
     each point of damage you inflict that turn with Attacks.

23.  Your opponent must discard a Special to play a Special in their defense phase.

24.  Your opponent may only play attacks equal to the number of attacks you played.  If you do
     not attack, your opponent may attack as normal.

25.  Your opponent must discard a basic block to play a standing defense.

26.  Your opponent must discard a dodge for each dodge he wishes to play.

27.  If a Watcher goes to your opponent's discard pile, it is removed from the game.

28.  If your opponent did not attack you, you may make one of your attacks hidden.

29.  Once during the game, you may discard your entire hand to reshuffle your discard pile
     into your Endurance.  Draw up to your Ability.  This is not considered Exhaustion.

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