E-Mail Dueling Rules

1.   If you haven't submitted a character, do so now.  You'll be added
     to the list as a "Ready" character.  There is no limit on the number
     of Immortals permitted per player other than their own ability to
     process that many games at the same time. You are typically limited to two
     of any given template CCG Persona.

     Submission requirements: owner's name, Immortal's name (make
     up one), template CCG Persona your personal Immortal is based
     on, valid e-mail address.  Immortal's name must be made up but a "real" name
     (to avoid confusion in subject lines, etc), not a duplication of an 
     existing "real-game" Immortal, alias, or a name that
     is already spoken for.  I neither want nor need deck contents.

2.   Look at the list of participants, see if there's any you wish to duel
     and that are "Ready."  If there are, send e-mail to their address
     issuing them a challenge and copy me.  Your status will be updated
     accordingly.  The two of you will be considered to be in "battle"
     immediately.  Failure of your opponent to respond in seven days
     will signify forfeiture (see Rule #5).  Please notify me.

3.   The challengee goes first.  A challenge cannot be legally declined.
     Declining a challenge will result in forfeiture and removal of that
     Persona from the Watcher Journal membership rolls.  Continuing
     abuse may result in the removal of all of the owner's Immortals.

4.   A game can be ended at any time by mutual agreement of both
     players.  If both players do _not_ agree to end the game, it
     continues.  If a player continues to refuse to respond, let me know
     he will be removed from the WJ list. You are never forced to
     accept an opponent's concession.

5.   Play at your own pace, but expect to process an average of five of
     your turns per week, 20 per month.  If you cannot handle this, DO
     NOT submit characters.  If you can respond more often, feel free to
     do so.  Delaying more than a week will result in forfeiture unless
     suitable arrangements are made with me and/or your opponent.

6.   There is no time limit on games, and thus no "First Blood" or "End
     Game" at this time.  Design accordingly.

7.   This is "The Gathering" and thus Immortals are expected to
     remain active and have to...well, fight a lot.  Currently, if you are
     inactive more than a month, you will be dropped.  There are plenty
     of folks out there to challenge, both with and without Quickenings.
     If you've reached a point where there absolutely is no one you feel
     is worth challenging, you probably should consider dropping your
     character and creating a new one.

8.   If you must leave for vacation, or other unavoidable circumstance,
     please let me know and I will change your status to "Holy
     Ground."  Let me know the approximate date you will be available
     again.  Extended visits to Holy Ground in excess of one month are
     not permitted except under very extenuating circumstances that the
     Watcher will decide on an individual basis.  This is an interactive
     e-mail dueling site, with emphasis on ACTIVE.  If you no longer
     wish to play a character, let me know and they will be retired and
     no longer available for future play.

9.   Delaying a game due to vacation, etc. once you're _in_ battle will
     result in forfeiture unless your opponent agrees to wait for you to
     return, or you both agree to end the battle.  If you've got a vacation
     coming up, plan accordingly and get your requests to visit "Holy
     Ground" in early.

10.  All decks should be legally constructed.  Pre-game cards (up to six,
     INCLUDING your Persona) are permitted.  All cards from 4H and
     previous expansions, editions, and collections are permitted, except
     for #13 below.

11.  All Personas are permitted, including Four Horsemen Personas and
     the Duncan and Methos Collection Personas.  Design accordingly.
     At this time, persons using Generic decks are not required to
     stick with a specific Generic Persona from game to game.

12.  Just as in a real-life game, your opponent can see what cards you are
     discarding and Exerting past.  You _must_ show these cards to your opponent,
     whether you are asked or not.  As per TCG rules, you can also look through an
     opponent's discard.  Your opponent must respond.  However, try not to abuse this,
     since some folks use proxy decks and typing in all these cards can be a chore. 
     Try to limit it to asking if they have certain specific cards in their 
     discard, and if so, how many.

13.  The following cards are BANNED: Lean & Mean, Thunder Castle
     Rip, Scrye, The Eyes Have It, any Nemesis card, Holy Ground/End-Game 
     (location or Event).  There are other sites for L&M-type games, and the 
     latter four cards generate various problems when used via e-mail.  Kane is 
     a legally playable Persona; see Etiquette for how to handle him.

14.  You may alter your deck between matches, in any way by
     removing and adding any number of cards.  You may make such
     alterations before or after determining who your next opponent is.

15.  The Prize cards are "exchanged" to the winner by the loser.
     However, since these are virtual cards, and deck alteration is now
     permitted with any number of removals and additions, this
     exchange is pretty much a moot point. (As of 3/26/04, Prize cards are 
     under consideration for banning, since part of what balances them is 
     their loss, which doesn't occur in virtual games.)

16.  Rather obviously, all players are on the honor system.  They're _Virtual_ 
     Quickenings, folks, and not worth lowering yourself to the level of pond 
     scum to get more of, or keep the ones you have.  The Watcher declines to 
     intervene directly in accusations and counter-accusations of cheating 
     unless multiple complaints are received against an individual.  In that 
     case, I will permit someone to withdraw from a game against the accused 
     cheater, and decline future challenges from any decks belonging to that 
     individual.  In cases where the charges become overwhelming, I may have 
     to take more drastic steps.  Such accusations should _only_ be sent to 
     me - not published on the WJ mailing list or elsewhere. Keep in mind that 
     the Watcher will require a very heavy burden of proof to accept that someone
     is cheating.

17.  You may offer to forfeit the game to an opponent but not lose your head at 
     their discretion, but they are not obliged to accept.  They may choose 
     to accept, of course - that is up to them. If they do not, you must 
     either continue to play, or drop out.  If you drop out and do not respond, 
     see Rule #9 above.

18.  In almost all instances, a forfeiture is _not_ allowed to end in a head 
     shot or any other transfer of Quickenings. There is too much potential for 
     abuse here. If you want to take someone's head, play it out. Entering a fight 
     just to lose your head and give your opponent one or more Quickenings (i.e.,
     "pulling a Kim" :) ) is severely frowned upon.  

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