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SuM CooL PlaceS 2 VisiT:
pogo.com is the best place ever to play euchre online. i have a screen name there, it's cupcake654123. if you have one lemme know so we can play sumtime!
Wanna know when ur gunna die? Well, if u go to the deathclock.com then u can find out. note to blondes: THIS ISN'T REAL! (yes i'm blonde, and yes i thought it was real....lol)
OKAY HARRY POTTER FANS! lol, sum sites u should check out are mugglenet.com and potterpuppetpals.com.
This is a link to the ever popular muffinfilms.com. you can view all the muffin films and also see sum other cool movies on hypnotic.com, and... are u ready for this??? it also has direct links to BIG BUNNY! oh yeah... check that out...
ohhh i look so high.------->
I developed this picture myself in photography! It's me and dana! yay for us!
So,I definitely think you should check out our school band website. It's a cool site, lots of fun info (and I picked out the music for it! hehe it's the school fight song, I know, was that creative, OR WHAT?!?) and plus Jacob the "webmaster" is just amazing. He did a great job so you should really go check it out.

What's up? SUMMER IS HERE! omg i thought it would never come. i'm so excited. ahhh. okay so enough of that. okay maybe a little more of that...YAY! and we're seniors- seniors '06 rock btw. well i honestly have not got much more to say...maybe if something exciting happens over the summer i'll change this, but if i were you i would check back 'round december or so for this to get updated.
mucha camina (spanish for "much love," i think),
xox leslie

p.s. i'm 17~rock on
Becca you ARE a cutie!
Me at prom this year!