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        The Daytime Emmy Award Nominations were announced on ABC's The View!  Click on the link to go to the page with all the information!  The top four nominated soaps were All My Children with 17, Guiding Light with 14, General Hospital with 12, and The Young and the Restless with 12.  Unfortunately, Guiding Light was not nominated for Outstanding Daytime Drama, even though the Soap Opera Digest lady predicted it would be.  Congratulations to all of the nominees!!!

         It seems forever since I updated this site.  I apologize.  A lot has been happening on Guiding Light, and it needs to be addressed!  First of all, it is important to say that CBS needs help in reaching out to the viewers.  CBS recieved only one award at the Soap Opera Digest awards and the Young and the Restless was the one winner.  Secondly, the show is in need of some real stories, stories that are more realistic!  The Reva's Mind Reading storyline is worring a lot of fans about where this is going.  Kim Zimmer's character needs to be in a huge storyline, but one that doesn't involve something so far fetched!  Read about some options in Kimberly's Two Scoops on Soap Central.  Also, the Haunted Museum storyline is headed off in the same direction.  Coming soon, Marina finds a secret passage way or something.  Maybe this is the show's way out all the mysterious happenings at the museum.  The writers could have the secret passage way being a clue in the murder there and all the mysterious happenings...and possibly solving a crime that happened in the ealry 1900's.  A GREAT and SAFE way to stop the non-reality storyline.  Although, I must admit, I did enjoy the Reva-Clone storyline.
          With the rumors of Italian actors coming to the show, where can
this storyline lead us?  The show is rumored to be looking for Italian speaking actors.  I am excited to see some different storylines that hopefully don't involve some psychic ability or non-realistic ways of life.  Could these Italian actors have anything to do with the big murder mystery that is coming up?
          Does anyone else agree that
Michelle and Danny's time has passed?  If they stay together this time, I won't care as much that they are back together, but if they break up again, then it is so ridiculous!  They are almost caught up to Josh and Reva (if not already).  No one in the real world (even Hollywood) has had this many divorces in one lifetime!  Not every marital problem has to end with divorce.

Rumors circulate that Matt Bomer HAS been cast as the lead role for Superman!  With reports that he was out of the running, it was up in the air.  But now reports are saying that he was chosen and will star in the movie.  Reports also said that Bomer was not planning to leave his role as Ben in October when his contract expires.  However, that was a while ago, after his first chance at getting the Superman role.
          Intersting rumors reported that
Alan-Michael was returning to the show.  It's been reported ever since Joan Collins repirsed the role of Aunt Alex, more Spaulding were on their way.  If this is true, I hope that Lucy will return with him and reunite with Harley, Frank, Buzz and the rest of the Coopers!  Jordi Vilasuso has been cast in the new FOX program, and will leave his role as Tony Santos if the show gets picked up permantly.  With Tony leave the show, or just Vilasuso?

If anyone has any pictures or information about where Guiding Light is taped, please send it to me through e-mail.  I know it is in New York City, but I want to know what building and how to get there.  I would definately like pictures of the studio and maybe from inside the building and the sets.  If anyone can help...GREAT!  I found some pictures, but aren't sure if they are correct. Take a look at what I found.  The two pictures on the left are supposed to be of the old building, and the two on the right are supposed to be of the new building.  Click on them to view larger.
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Michael Zaslow
November 1, 1944
December 6, 1998

(Roger Thorpe)

Nominated for three times for Outstanding Lead Actor at the Daytime Emmy Awards and once at the Soap Opera Digest Awards, as well as two nominations as outstanding Villain at the Soap Opera Digest Awards.

Winner of one Outstanding Lead Actor at the Daytime Emmy Awards and one Outstanding Villain at the Soap Opera Digest Awards.
He recieved the Editor's Choice Awards at the Soap Opera Digest Awards in 1999, after he passed away with Lou Gehrig's disease.
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July 4, 1926
February 28, 2002

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