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Welcome to The Lost Museum of Sciences! Well... OK, the museum itself isn't lost, but I love getting lost in museums.

This web site presents a comprehensive collection of science museum links throughout the world. Each page focuses on a specific group of museums and features museum related trivia. Furthermore, these pages are networked together to form a labyrinth of science museums. Basically, you are invited to wander, discover, and perhaps get lost among a maze of museums.

The site also offers two brain-teasing games. "World Muse Trivia" challenges your knowledge of world museums, and "Find The Exhibit" is a global treasure hunt which challenges your power of museological deduction.

The Lost Museum of Sciences is devoted to promoting awareness of world science museums and enjoyable serendipity.

Visitors since October, 1995. The museum looks best with the latest version of Netscape.

Exhibit Halls

The exhibit hall pages you are about to wander have a common layout. Across the very top and very bottom of the exhibit pages are links to other exhibit halls within the museum. Between these links you will find museum trivia and links to museum web sites throughout the world. As you roam freely, remember that you can back out of any page and return to the page you previously visited. The museum currently possesses 26 exhibit pages which altogether present hundreds of links to other museums and related web sites. At any time, you can easily access the museum Information Desk.

433 Museum Links
218 Related Links
651 Total Links

World Museum Trivia

Can you answer this question? ... "Where do you find interactive exhibits?

If you know the answer, send an e-mail to gladys_yoly_98@yahoo.com. The first person to correctly answer this question will be honorably mentioned here for all the world to see. Hint: the answer can usually be found on the web site of the museum in question.

Last Three Trivia Champions

John Comegys, from Fresno California, answered correctly: The Freud's quotation may be found at the beginning of the Webpage of the Freud Museum of London.

Pat Lange correctly answered that The Food Museum began as The Potato Museum in 1975.

Hazel Burgess found that the "stuffed elephant is at the Natural History Museum, Berne (NMBE)". Hazel Burgess correctly answered that The Space Center, Alamogordo, New Mexico, features the rocket sled that "Fastest Man Alive" Stapp rode to 634 mph.

Find The Exhibit

Every now and then, I will feature the title of an exhibit from one of the many museums featured in this web site. If you find this exhibit, send an e-mail to gladys_yoly_98@yahoo.com stating the museum where you found it. The first person to find the exhibit will be honorably mentioned here for all the world to see.

Today's exhibit to find is... "Space race"

Last Three Exhibit Champions

Barry Stevens was the first to find "Monet´s Rouen Cathedral in Full Sunlight" in Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. Good search Barry!

Jill C. Pearson was the first to find "Plants and Fungi of Southern China" exhibit in the National Museum of Science in Tokyo, Japan. You did a great job Jill!

Phil Wood was the first to find "U.S.S. Blueback" exhibit in the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry. Great seamanship Phil!

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Free Offer to World Museums

If your museum has a web site, please contact us so that we may help promote you. Simply e-mail your museum URL to gladys.pineda@gmail.com. No fee is involved. The museum will simply present a link to your museum web site. The Lost Museum of Sciences is happy to support the international museum community for everyone's benefit.

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