A good murder thriller. Sridevi and Kamalahasan did their best. Directed by Barathiraja and story by Bhagyaraj.  Kamalahasan, a murder maniac who has aversion towards girls, allures them, brings them to his bedroom and murders them one by one. Latest in the list is Sridev whom he was forced to marry as she prefers to go to his house only after marriage. Before he could proceed with his usual murder routine, he had to go out to attend to some important call during which time Sridevi enters a prohibited room in the house where Kamal had written on the wall all the murders in details. Realising the danger Sri tries to escapes. After a chase Kamal was caught by the police.

Good thigh show and swimsuit scenes during a song by Sridevi. The camera missed out to capture the cleavage show during one shot when Sridevi rolls on the bed.
A mega poster for your desktop. 
30 May 06