Two Sridevis! One good girl with traditional dress and another one is bad girl, in mini skirts exposing thighs, going with boy friend (Rajnikanth) to hotels etc. For traditional Sridevi suddenly ESP power comes and she was believed to have the powers of deity and worshipped by the village people. Vijayakumar falls in love with her.

Modern Sridevi realises that she was a twin sister and fights with her father (Asokan) and leaves the house with Rajni. She developes some disease and wriggles with pain (don't miss this shot as there is a liberal cleavage exposure) and dies! When she was introduced in the story, she dances in  a micro mini skirt. Click on the thumbnails to view the pictures!
Sridevi's sexy mega poster.
Old pictures have been removed and replaced with pictures of better resolution. More pictures will posted soon. = 21 Mar 09
21 March 2009