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Welcome to my home on the Internet!

Greeting, intrepid Web Surfer; I am called Glarryg. While I am a 23-year-old college graduate from Ohio, Glarryg is all you really need to know. For now. This friendly barrel-shaped robot will be your guide around the site. Your Guide

LEGAL-TYPE WARNING: Unless I say otherwise, the stuff on these pages is all copyrighted by me, Glarryg. As in: Copyright © 2000-03 Glarryg. Therefore, you can't go taking credit for any of the material on my page, unless I've already said that it's yours. And no stealing either. Got it?

Why Patronize This Site?

There are many reasons to visit my website and partake of its tax-free entertainment. So as to make this information easily processable, I've devised the below comparison between mine other sites:

Other Sites... My Site...
Require that you type in their addresses before you can view them Is already on your screen; your typing job is over
Contain either uncopyrighted, loaned, stolen, or no art by Glarryg Contains legally owned art by none other than Glarryg
May contain or support potty humor Only supports potty humor if it involves someone falling in
May or may not advocate the wearing of unchanged socks for up to seven (7) days Strongly discourages the wearing of unchanged socks for up to seven (7) days
Often do not contain the word "Orangutan" Orangutan, Orangutan, Orangutan, Orangutan, Orangutan, Orangutan, Orangutan, Orangutan

There you have it: documented proof that this site is worth your time.

A Very Dramatic Scene


NEW! 8/21/04-- If you had this site bookmarked or saved anywhere, replace it with the new address (shown in the previous update, just below). I'm starting to delete the old pages here, and this space will be devoted to a totally new site. If any of the old links around here doesn't work (like the one for the Music Library, for example), it's because I've already removed those pages.

6/13/04-- Check out http://www.fantasyfinale.com/glarryg. It's mostly the same stuff as here, only a tad more streamlined. When I start making more content, it'll go there, and eventually this site will be shut down. Update your links when you get the chance.

4/14/04-- Back from my hiatus. Planning some more cleaning out of old stuff, then the Glarryg Pages are scheduling a move to another domain. You heard me. I'll keep you up to date on that.

2/24/04-- Another "Hello, I'm not dead" check-in. I will, however, not be updating for the next month and a half, I can guarantee. Hopefully after that, though.

2/3/04-- See, this is why I don't like making promises. I never know when I'm going to buy myself a GameBoy Advance and get sucked into Sword of Mana. Likewise, I have nothing new for the site even after I said I would a month ago. I plan on taking down some of the older, crummier art from the Gallery (like the Miscellaneous Original Art and the Super Mario Art, for example) and replacing it with newer content; that was what I had in mind. New stuff is on the way, but not for a while yet.


You heard the Glarryg Pages Fanfare upon entering this site, if you had your computer's sound turned on.

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