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Basic Moves

Basic Moves

If you’re new to wrestling, you'll want to learn the basic moves. Below are some basic wrestling moves, each with a brief explanation. TakedownNaturally, you can't pin your opponent until you have him on the mat. To do this you take him down. You must safely take your opponent down to the mat and have control of him.  This is worth 2 points.


BreakdownOkay, so you've got your opponent down to the mat but you still have to break him down further to go for that all - important pin. Chop and Bump, Spiral, Tight Waist, Block Out, will all work. Crotch LiftFine, so he's down on the mat - FACE down. That's no good. You need to get him onto his back for a pin and that's where this baby comes in useful. Lift between his legs and turn him over.


Gut WrenchAnother great way to get him off his face and onto his back in readiness for the all-important pin.  Also called a tight waist. Pin You press your opponent's shoulders against the mat and keep them there until the referee blows his whistle - a sound which is music to your ears ...and a scratched chalkboard for him.  BridgeOne great way to counter your opponent's efforts for a pin is to bridge your body by arching your back away from the mat. You must strengthen your neck muscle to make this effective.

Headlock You wrap your arm around your opponent's neck and lock your hands together, ensuring his arm is also gathered into the hold to prevent accidental choking. Choking is not allowed in amateur wrestling!  Arm BarA great way to pile the pressure on and lever your opponent onto his back for pinning. Just thread your forearm behind his elbow and over his back then apply the pressure! Use both arms for a double arm bar! Half NelsonThe half Nelson consists of passing your arm under your opponent's armpit and placing the palm of your hand against the back of his head. Not on his neck! The Full Nelson is similar but uses both hands and is illegal in amateur wrestling! Cradle Gather your opponent up in your arms, one arm around his neck, the other around the back of his knee and then lock your hands together, drawing his knee(s) up to his face. This turns him into an angry ball so keep tight hold! GrapevineProvided this move is executed well, it is almost a sure way to pin your opponent by using your entire body. Long legs help!