Red & Raw

Sashimi. Sushi. Sake.
The trio of Sins you find at a Japanese restaurant and Dozo!, newly opened on the corner of Lyndhurst Terrace, tries to offer Japanese food fanatics just that.

The menu offers a delightful array of cocktails rather than food and with a revolving sushi bar catered to Central folk, the lavishly displayed selection of sushi and sashimi passing by diners is surprisingly limited. However, the raw fish is extremely fresh and the sushi rolls are scrumptious. Other cooked choices on the menu consist of the usual noodles and tempuras, which are quite pricey relative to the size.
Both raw and cooked are served on various coloured plates, which are coded according to their price. Unlike traditional revolving sushi bars, the plates are removed after you've gobbled up your food, causing you to wonder how much was actually consumed or eliminating the joy of showing off to your friend how much you can really eat. Other than tea and cocktails, drinks are displayed in an open fridge, giving diners the choice of ordering or to helping themselves, which is exactly what "dozo" means. The overall service was average except for one waiter who was extremely attentive and carried out his job well.

Dozo's seating plan is cramped and not designed for busy lunch hours. Most of the restaurant's space is designated for the sushi bar and the staff inside it preparing your meal. Only a few booths are present for more comfortable seating and the stools surrounding the sushi bar make diners want a quick getaway. The edgy decor is modern and stylish, using only red and black as the main theme with mirrors adorning the walls. Lighting is dim, so if you want to take a good look at the food, it would be better to pick a seat next to the window.
Think twice before bringing a date for dinner or lunch as Dozo! is more apt to be a weekend hangout or for happy hour drinks since it provides a good people watching view till the wee hours of the morning. But remember, if small bites aren't your thing for dinner, grab a big meal first.
44 Lyndhurst Terrace
Central Hong Kong
t +852 2581 1338

Overall rating -------___ (7/10)

- Carman Chan