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Golden Sun 2: The Lost Age

Part 1(3.43mb)   Part 2(3.43mb)   Part 3(3.43mb)   Part 4(1.52mb)
You'll need WinRAR to put the files back together. First, unzip each file to a single folder, then click on "goldensun2.part1.rar" and WinRAR will put the rom back together. Be sure your file sizes match those above or else it won't work!

Released in the US on April 14, 2003. If you liked the original Golden Sun, you'll love this! It's basically a continuation of the first one. You can even transfer your original characters from the first game by using a game link, or a password that they give you at the end. Unfortunately, you can't use the characters from the first game until later.

This game is nearly 12mb, so be patient if you can't get all the parts right away! I only have a certain amount of bandwidth usage per hour, and the site will be temporarily shut down if that bandwidth is exceeded. If you get a message saying that the site can't be accessed, just try again in an hour. Once you start downloading a file, you should get the whole thing!

Remember that you MUST own the original cartridge to keep this rom on your hard drive for more than 24 hours!


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