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Glen Phillips was born in the remote Goldfields centre of  Southern Cross Western Australia in 1936. As an Associate Professor at Edith Cowan University, Glen carved a remarkable 40-year academic and personal career for himself in literature and the arts, as well as becoming a passable panel-beater and automotive spray-painter.  With a great flair for reading and performing his own works, Glen is well-known around the readings and literary festivals of Perth and beyond. His poetry has been published in Australian, Italian, American, British, Thai, Chinese and Korean anthologies, magazines and newspapers, and featured in his TV series called - Landscape and You. Glen is currently putting together a collaborative work on Western Australian wheatbelt landscapes with Professor John Kinsella.  It is to be entitled Watershed. He is also co-authoring with Ffion Murphy a new book on Katharine Susannah Prichard, as well as more than 20 other books.

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Poet, Editor, Author, university teacher and Adjunct Assoc. Professor of English
Poems from three collections
Fairly Obsessive, Umbria and Australia - Green and Gold, Summerland, Poetry in Motion.  Poetry collections are Spring Burning, Lovesongs, Lovescenes and Sacrificing the Leaves.
Article on John Kinsella
Poetry & Art, Peter Cowan
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