Language and Literature Resources Pages
Prepared by: Glen Cassidy
On these pages you will find links to my study guides and commentaries on a range of literary texts. Some of these have been set for the NSW Higher School Certificate; others may be useful for Tertiary Preparation students in TAFE studying the Language and Creative Arts or Literature 'B' modules. You'll also find some material on language and communication topics, some uploaded material for the Area of Study in Year 12 English, and some links  to other sites I have found useful.
The study guides and commentaries are my own  work - they are not intended to be scholarly essays and are not referenced  as such. Some of them are detailed commentaries - others more free-ranging suggestions and ideas to provoke your own thinking and  discussion. So you're welcome to consult them - but of course if you make use of them for essays or assessments you must acknowledge their source in  the usual way.

Please give me feedback; please also report to me any broken links. And if you have any suggestions for sites I could add I'll be only too happy to post these. So any queries, comments or suggestions to:
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Brick: An Online Literary Journal

Victorian Poetry
New York Times Review of Books Featured Authors
Jack Lynch: Literary Resources on the Net
Romanticism on the Net
Contemporary  Post-Colonial and Post Imperial Literature in English
Emory University  Post-Colonial Studies  Australian Humanities Review
Jouvert: A Journal of   Post- Colonial Studies
Post Modern Culture
Voice of the Shuttle:  Web Page for Humanities Research
The Atlantic Monthly: Books
Salon:  Film Reviews  
Salon:  Books
Representative Poetry  Online (Index)   
University of Toronto English Library Poetry Criticism Index
The Guardian Book Reviews  
Lacan (Lecture 1)
Lacan (Lecture 2)
The New York Times:  Film Reviews
Glossary of Literary Terms  
Chaucer (Harvard U)
Scope (Film Studies
Shakespeare The Tempest
Rotten Tomatoes (Film Reviews)
A Guide to the Study of Literature
Art Forum    
Contemporary Literary  Theory (Brock University)
Modern American Poetry
Edith Wharton Society  
The Henry James  Scholar's guide to websites  
The Literary Review  
Theory Checklist (v. good on Criteria!)
Links to Literature  (Annie Proulx)
Newfoundland Salt   Fisheries   
Dictionary of Newfoundland English
Newfoundland and  Labrador Heritage
Postmodern Thought  (Univ. of Colorado)   
University of Toronto - Glossary of Literary Theory    
Introduction to Modern  Literary Theory
E. Annie Proulx: Mostly Fiction
The Greatest Stories  ever to
Raymond Carver, 'A Small Good Thing'                     Project Gutenberg   The Online Books Page