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Yahoo Myspace
Google Deadjournal
My Town Mandy's LiveJournal
One-Liners Sudoku
Adventure Quest Digg
Bank of America Memphis Library
Netflix Spotback
Tenn Southwest Angel's Livejournal
Kurt's Homepage Insanity's Homepage
Patti Thump855
Liam Netflix
Malco ECCC




Webrats Music Glitter Graphics


Cross stitch

Knitty Greenbriar Bedspread
Heartland Meadows Patterns Crossstitch Sayings
Picture Craftwork Rick's Crosstitch Patterns
Solaria Ursa Software
Crossstitch About.com Ursa Software
Busy Stitching Fantasy Patterns Online
Free Embroidery Patterns Dawn's Patterns



Alternate Species Another Realm
Selling Your SF Story Dark Moon Rising
Analog Alternate Species
Alphelion Asimov's Guidelines
New Town Writers Eotu Ezine Guidelines
Critters Workshop DNA Publications
Dragon Fantasy Elysian Fiction
Fantasy and SF Writer's Guidelines SF Crow's Nest
Gobshite Groups and Workshops
Planet Magazine Rational Magic Guidelines
SF Resources SF Web Guide
50 Tools for Writing SF Site
Five Senses Press Realms of Fantasy


Dumb and Dumber Q&A Leerburg Forums
Dog Owner's Guide


Cat Images Digital Blasphemy
Faery & Angel Graphics The Art of Rod Miller and Dan Cummings
Fairy Pics The Art of JonathonBowser


Dark Alleyway Observations
Community Info Universal Empathy


Allakazam EQ Atlas
EQ Traders EQ2 Vault
Ldon Sorting Script Luclin Forum
Name Generator Team Anarchy
EQ Shaman


Computer Errors Cartoon Gallery
Craig's Joke Archive Emusings
The Ethical Atheist Relationship Cartoons
Shocking Illusions Dirty Jokes
SAB Absurdities Turok's Cabana
Humorous1 Everquest Humor
One-Liners Crazy Criminals
Crazy Thoughts SatireWire
Pagan Humor Pagan ECauldron Humor
AIM Away Messages Away Messages
Filth Pagan Humor
Prank Calls Pet Humor
Idiot's Guide


Pagan Library Asiya Shadow
Becoming a Witch Beneath the Shades
Brigit Candle Magik
Celtic Deities Esbats
Altar Branwen's Cauldron
Cauldron Living Magik Use
I am Pagan Spellwork Imbolc
Kitchen Witch Lady of the Earth Rituals
Nomicon Out of the Dark
Pagan Calendar Draeconin
Pledge to Pagan Spirituality Athame
Real Magik Occult Library Rituals and Spells
Modern Paganism Moon Phases
Starfire Rising Witchway
Paganality: Cord Spells Wiccan/Pagan Times
Witch's Besom Reconstructionism
Wheel of the Year Witchcraft Answers
Pagan Rituals Witches of TN: Computer Blessing
Witchvox Letter from Mom and Dad
Spell Construction Imbolc Rituals
Crystal Forest Ostara
Wiccan Garden Celtic Spirituality
Festivals Glossary
Terms Midnight in the Realm
Pagan Primer Pagan 101
Ceremonial Magik Full Moon Paradise
Witches of Solstice Solitary Imbolc
Magikal Herb Use Pagan Wheel
Witch on the Go: Elements Library of Knowledge
Pagan's Path: Herbology Ritual Archive
Witch's Creed Witch's Voice: Witchvox
Hermetic's Library Pagan Grove
Tarot Cerridwynn's Page
Coven of the Far Flung Net Wicca Links
Ranting Witches Thrice Round Pagan Community
Pagan.org Pagan Motivational
Pagan Child's Alphabet


Think Exist Quotes by Author
Said What Quotes
Email Sig Quotes Good Quotes: Bumperstickers
Amphorisms Quotes and Wisecracks Cliches and One-Liners
One-Liners Quoteland
The Quotations Page House of Quotes
Brainy Quotes Pagan Quotes


JackOWitch Cookbook Cooks
Crescent Cakes Kareena's Grimoire Recipes
Kitchen Witch Meals
Easy Recipes The Magic of Cooking
Homemade Cooking Cooking by Numbers
Recipe Source Low Carb Menu Recipes
Microwave Fudge Recipe Source
Recipezaar Visual Recipes


Hecate's Cauldron Candle Magick
Witch's Gathering Lady Morganfey
Full Moon Esbat Rituals Moon Guide
Invoking the Goddess Solitary Ritual
Spellwork and Needlecrafts Cord Magic
Witch Bottle Witchway.net
Cauldron's Grimoire Rhiannon's BOS
Spell Trader Learning the Tarot
Paul's BOS

Stuff (18 yrs +)

Very Koi.net Venus
XNXX Body Bouncer
The BRC Positions Free


Backgrounds Backgrounds by Marie
Beautiful Themes Fantasy Desktop Themes
Gothic Backgrounds Themeworld
Clipart Wallpaper Zone


Robert Jordan homepage WOT Digital Art


Babelfish Purple Pussy
InsultMonger SQL Course
Neopets Puppywar
Project Censored Warning Label Generator
Sleuth L337 Translator
Bleeding Edge LadyHawk's Treasures
BestThing Safety Tips for Women
Magnets WOW Southpark Video
Keeper of the Lists


Emuu's Mr Insult
Rum & Monkeys Design Your Own Hell


The Sneeze Maddox
Spilled Coffee Penn & Teller