My website is currently under construction.. This page has pictures of my current RC cars (not the latest pics, just what's currently on my computer). I'll try to update this page by 4/24/03. If you want to see last years cars, check this

This is my B4 right after I built it. I didn't put the factory team parts (threaded bodies, blue front brace, and graphite kit), I wanted to run the car box stock until I get the hang of things. Anyway, this B4 has a Novak XXtra Rx, GT7, REEDY KR 14 Double,  REEDY 3000 smh, and a Futaba 9450 servo.

Right now, my B4 has all the graphite stuff, blue front brace, threaded bodies, and a NOVAK brushless system.







Here's a picture of my TC3. I believe this was taken November 02. I still had my JR R1 back then. This is the car I used to race the first annual So Cal Grand Prix, where I qualified and finished 3rd behind of BK and Ryan Cavelerie.

Finishing 3rd in that race wasn't the high light of that weekend. The best part was when Mike Reedy gave me the talk and told me that he place me on the team.







This is my old GT. I haven't taken pictures of my current truck.

This truck has JR Digital Servos, a Mugen MT12, Novak RX's, and fuel by SideWinder..

My new truck has KO Digital servos, KO digital push button on/off switch, REEDY 1100 nimh batt, trinity blue pole mounts, trinity blue servo mounts, prototype hardcore titanium tranny top brace, and a .12 Sirio engine.