The Harris Family 


From: Hardeman County Historical Sketches Book
Written by Inez I. Douglas
Furnished by: Mindy H. Thompson
(Additions to this history was added from notes of Glenn Kennedy)

Samuel B. Harris was born between 1770-1780 and Mary Coats was born 17 Jan 1777. 
Both were native of North Carolina and were married, 01 Feb 1800  in Davidson Co., TN. 
Sometime before 1817, they migrated down the Natchez Trace to the Alabama Territory;
to what was then Franklin County (and is now Colbert). 
It is believed they came to Hardeman Co., TN.  about 1825, settling in District 10.
Samuel B. Sr. died sometime after 1833. 
His wife Mary died 19 Sept 1861, and is buried in Harris Cemetery

They  were the parents of ten children:
  • James Harris married Martha Matthews

  • Nancy Harris married Asa Cox
  • Parmelia Harris married Richard Rogers
  • Thomas Harris married Lucinda Cheshier
  • Samuel B. Harris Jr. married Axie Lee Elkins
  • John C. Harris married Sarilla Thompson. (Have copy of marriage license)
    Savilla died Sept 16, 1876 and was buried at Pleasant Grove Cem., between RigdeWay
    and Cumby, Texas .
    John had died earlier between Tarrart Co., Texas and Gainsville,  had to be buried along
    Rd Way.  The family arrived in the State of  Texas in 1837.
  • Mary Harris married Addison McMillan
These children's names are also listed:
  • Sarah William Turner
  • Rebecca Theophilus Shaw
  • Ephraim never married
NOTE:  This might shed more light on the name, Sarah William Turner (listed above)

"The Bolivar Bulletin V1 - 1866-1900"

9 Nov 1867
PETITION TO SELL LAND.... of Mary Harris, dec'd for division in Hardeman County Court:
Thomas Harris, German Harris and wife, et.als.
Samuel B. Harris
Heirs of Jno C. Harris, dec'd names unknown
Heirs of James Harris, dec'd names unknown
Haywood McMillon, Thomas Turner
..........Robertson and wife Minerva Robertson
Heirs of William Turner, dec'd names unknown
Ollin Boyt and wife Angeline.

Additional data on the children of James and Martha Mathews Harris.

These names came from an affidavit in the abstract  for the farm property
that James settled on outside Cherokee, AL in the early 1800s.
This is in the possesssion of the present farm owner.

Mary Harris Drisdale
Eliza Harris Corry
Jennie (Jane) Harris Barton
Clinch Harris, Sr.
William Harris
John Harris
Samuel Benton Harris
Henrietta (Hennie) A. Harris Fossick
Margarete (Martha) Harris

Furnished by: 
Jack Munson
25 July 2000

John C. Harris, born 1806 in Hardeman Co., Tenn. He died 1866, buried in Sherman Texas.
John Harris married Savillia Thompson, on 18 Oct 1827,  in Hardeman Co., Tenn.
Savillia Thompson was born 10 Oct 1810 in Tenn Or Ireland. She died 1876 and was buried in
Pleasant Grove, Texas. Savillia agreed on marriage contract 18 Oct 1827 in Hardeman Tenn.
Savilla was the daughter of Jonathan Thompson and Ann Young, b. 1790,  married In Ireland in 1805, Jonathan and Ann were born in Ireland.

Hopkins Co., Texas 1850 Census

  • James "Jim" Harris, born 01-17-1828 in Tennessee
  • Elliott Harris dob 01-16-1832 Tenn.
  • Freedom Andrew "Chub" Harris dob 10-09-1835 Tenn., died in the Civil War.
  • Stephen   J. "Steve" Harris  dob September 18, 1837.
    Entered Hopkins Co., Texas at Pin Hook,  12-18-1837.
    He lived near Pin Hook several years, moved to White Oak,
    1 mile west of Brashear.
  • William Harris dob 1840
  • John Cap Harris, born 12-19-1842 in Missouri
  • Christopher Harris dob 05-05-1848 Texas
  • Elzira Harris dob 1834 Tenn.
  • Lucretia Harris dob 1844 Texas
  • Lucy Harris dob 1850 Tex as
  • Mary  Harris dob 1846 Texas

I have Recieved information that Samuel Benton Harris was the father of  Thomas Harris,
Dob 1740, who married Sarah Harris,  dob 1740,  married in 1760 in North Carolina.
Sarah  was reported to be the daughter of  Sherwood Harris, and Jane Hudspeth.
Thomas Harris' father was reported to be Robert Harris Sr., dob 1710 in Virginia, married
in 1732 in Granville Co, North Carolina, died in 1786.  Was Reported to be a U. S. Senator, during the above period

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