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Hi. I'm Glenn Holgersen and I have two weeks of Timeshare at Marriott Royal Palms, and one week at Marriott Grand Vista in Orlando, and I use those weeks to travel around the world. My main benefits come from the Marriott Corporation, because I can give back my two weeks at Royal Palms and use the Marriott Rewards Program once a year for travel and accommodations anywhere in the world! For serious travelers, this is the best plan I have ever seen. I just turn my two weeks at Royal Palms back to them, and I receive a package that includes Airfare to anywhere in the world, a certificate for an 8 day stay at any Marriott, and a Car Rental for 8 days.

I have stayed at Marriott Hotels in London, England twice. Once at Grosvenor Square and another time at Regents Park. I have also stayed in Athens, Greece, Surfers Paradise, Australia, and let's not forget my favorite hotel of all, the Marriott World Center in Orlando, Fla.

I have also used Marriott Reward Points to stay at the Marriott Seaview Country Club in Absecon, NJ, the Copley Center in Boston, Ma., the Crystal City Marriott in Washington, DC, and in the Marriott Downtown in San Francisco, Ca. And finally, I have been able to trade into Leon's Lodge Golf and Country Club Resort in Crecy la Chapelle, France, and the Marriott Summit Watch Vacation Club, in Park City, Ut.

I owned a week at the Hono Koa Resort, in Maui, and was able to use that week to trade into the Imperial Hawaii Resort in Honolulu, Hawaii, but mostly I use it as a trade for other places. I have used it once to take friends to Hawaii and once as a gift so friends could spend an anniversary in Maui. I have traded it at the Crown Point Condominiums in Ruidoso, NM, the Sea Shells Resort in Halliday's Point, NSW, Australia, and the Beach House Golf and Racquet Club in Myrtle Beach, SC.

And the latest addition to my weeks is one week with the Sheraton Desert Oasis in Scottsdale, Az. This brings me to the next level of timeshare use for us. I will be looking into where major sporting events are being held, and book a week for a trade into a resort there, and then put out an ad and rent it out. That way I will be able to pay for fees that are due for the other weeks. For this year I booked a week at the Orange Lake Resort and Country Club in Orlando, Fla, to coincide with the National Car Rental Disney Golf Championship.

Websites for My Timeshares
Marriott Royal Palms Marriott Grand Vista
Sheraton Desert Oasis Hono Koa Resort

Places I have stayed since making this webpage:

Glasgow Marriott Glasgow, Scotland
Marriott Dalmahoy Hotel Edinburgh, Scotland
Polo Towers Resort Las Vegas, Nevada
Marriott Courtyard New Orleans, Louisiana
Flagship Resort Atlantic City, New Jersey
Sheraton Desert Oasis Scottsdale, Arizona
Marriott Champs Elysees Paris, France
Victoria Hotel Rome, Italy
Marriott Grand Flora Rome, Italy
Sheraton Desert Oasis Scottsdale, Arizona
Marriott Residence Inn Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada
Marriott World Center Orlando, Florida
Marriott Residence Inn Las Vegas/Henderson, Nevada
Marriott Fairway Inn Galloway Twp, New Jersey

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