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KEITH AT THE BEACON (SFJ) (10-Mar-01 02:30:01)
Author: Flynn Date: 03-08-01 13:55 Review: KEITH AT THE BEACON THEATRE "What's going on been going for far too long, It's runnin' too deep, runnin' too deep." (KR) (Used in the program) under a photo of Keith-MAIN OFFENDER I really enjoyed the Rainforest Alliance Benefit, lots of great artists on the show bill. Keith was one HAPPY fella at the Beacon on Tuesday night. Before he played his set, he was hangin' out upstage, grooving to the music and having a great time. He was dancin' around and talking to those next to him, he really was lookin' like he was enjoying himself. Keith fans kept yelling "KEITH, KEITH," throughout the show. When Keith hit the stage, we went wild and so did he. Keith started with KEY TO THE HIGHWAY, then, RUNNIN' TOO DEEP, and he ended with HAPPY! I figured he'd play HAPPY, that was one I'd guessed he'd play Tuesday night, (he's played it before, lately, Crow's concert in the park, I think) so maybe it will show up on the new album or tour too. Keith was fantastic, you can sure tell that he's ready to get back on the road, cause he let it rip as he let the "tigers out" tuesday night. Keith was ripping his shirt open, jumping in the air, just like he usually does at a STONES concert, ya know, just being Keith! Sumlin, Jackson Browne, Keb'Mo', Odetta, Dr. John, and all the others were really grand. Jordan put together a fantastic show. Masterson made a good host. There were signs up, NO CAMERAS, NO RECORDING allowed, yeah sure, LOL! Had a great time. Thanks to all the artists for a great show. Flynn
KEITH'S FASHION SENSE (SFJ) (09-Mar-01 09:30:14)
The Sun/Bizarre: Keith sporting his new T-Shirt TRUST a legend like Keith Richards to have the last word in a rock 'n roll trend. Madonna started the craze by wearing a Britney Spears T-shirt. Not long after, she wore a Kylie top. Soon, they were all at it. Now Keef has gone one better, by wearing a T-shirt with HIMSELF on it. And it's not the wrinkly Keith that adorns his shirt. It's an image of the Rolling Stones guitarist in his 1970s prime. The 57-year-old star's picture of himself as a younger man bears the legend "Too Tough To Die". Keith unveiled his contribution to the T-shirt craze at a benefit concert in New York for the Rainforest Alliance, where tickets were selling for 300. One onlooker said: "Keith has been the ultimate fashion icon for years and it certainly makes a change from all those boring pop stars wearing T-shirts with each other's names on. Keith's is much better." From the New York Post: THE Plaza's got a Moroccan festival - food, belly dancers, music. Keith Richards sees this band in white djellabas and red fezzes plinking, strumming, banging drums. And sits in. Did his guitar thing for 20 minutes, then stood up, said, "Thanks, guys, for the set," and walked off. The Sopranos March 6, 2001 | Keith Richards, a big fan of "The Sopranos," spent a certain portion of last season's episodes staring at Janice Soprano's left breast -- and he liked what he saw: the Rolling Stones' lip-and-tongue logo. But Aida Turturro, who plays Tony Soprano's sister Janice (aka Parvati) on the HBO show, admits she was unable to give the wrinkly rock legend the satisfaction of seeing the tattoo firsthand when he approached her at the "Sopranos" sneak preview in New York a few weeks ago. "He was disappointed when I told him that the tattoo wasn't real," Turturro tells the Toronto Sun, adding that the lips tattoo and another one, on her ankle, take an hour to paint on before each episode. You can't always get what you want, Keith -- so just fuhgeddaboudit.

Are The Rolling Stones getting ready? (SFJ) (02-Mar-01 04:30:10)
Bill German Organization: BeggarsBanquetOnline Hi. Just a quick note to confirm for everyone that Keith Richards will be playing this Tuesday night, March 6, at the Beacon Theatre in New York, as part of the Rainforest Alliance benefit concert. Tickets still available. Also, I wanted to let you know that I've posted some new stuff at Beggars Banquet Online. [BEGGARS BANQUET] * On the TOUR page, it looks like something might be brewing. * On the MUSIC page, the Stones, quite simply, let it rock. * And on the DECADES page (my personal favorite), there's a slew of audio and video clips from the 1981 "Tattoo You" tour. (Plus, the Stones' X-rated video.) See ya there! Bill German PS: Check back with the TOUR page later in the week for details on Keith's Beacon Theatre appearance.

KEITH TO PLAY New York City Tuesday (SFJ) (02-Mar-01 04:30:10)
Keith Richards joins the line-up for the Rainforest Alliance's Smart Sounds: Music for the Planet IV on March 6! Purchase tickets today


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