Glimpses By Gates
John K. Gates (Jack)
PO Box 642
Roscoe, PA  15477
(724) 938-9657
John K. Gates learned photography and an appreciation of life from his father, Jack, who was a lifelong professional photographer.  This, coupled with a B.S. in biology from Pennsylvania State University and a D.D.S. from Temple University has led to a lifelong love of nature and a desire to preserve some of his experiences.

Glimpses By Gates presents a photographic interpretation of some of our few remaining natural areas.  Before European settlers arrived, North America was a natural paradise with vast stands of evergreen and deciduous trees, canyons and waterfalls, hillsides of wildflowers and abundant wildlife.  As our country has developed and grown, parklands whether national,state, or county are an oasis of that once expansive wilderness.  John has made an effort to capture a glimpse of these remaining natural places.  Photographs are merely moments in time, frozen as an image.  These picture represent his impression of the moments he have been blessed to observe.

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Mt. Blackburn, Alaska
Sample Photography:
National Parks