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I speak from the deepest part of my heart the majority of the time, because I am a "feeling" type person. A sincere individual wanting badly to find herself, and her place in life.

I was born fifty-one years ago, and can't really remember much of my life to thus far. That's probably because each day I become an entirely different person than the day before. In other words, I grow mentally, and I think we all have points in our lives that we don't really want to re-visit.

I am a singer-songstress, and loving every bit of it. Music is my daily vitamin. I take the proper dosage each day, and I'm good-to-go! I have a great love for children and it shows in what I do. I have a child-care business that I love dearly, and is my way of feeding the desire of having another child in my life. (Think about it): at fifty-one, (another child)? Huh,,,

* God has a way of blessing us in ways that don't make sense to us, at the time.*

My next love is sewing, and I do it extremely well. I also sew for a living. Whatever anyone needs at the last minute, they come to me, for I work well under pressure. Is that good, or what?

My personality, is beautiful, if I do say so myself.
I'm told often how sweet I am, and will go above and beyond the call of duty for a friend. It's natural, and I never tire of it. My sense of humor is warped, and of course I love to laugh. Who doesn't? Did I mention that I am single? Well, I am single. It stinks!, and I don't want to be any more..........

I'm an African American female, living in Georgia near Six Flags over Georgia. I have a daughter 28, and a son 26. During these times it's hard being a single parent, but with the grace of god, I managed to get them up and out. Now, here I am with my computer, having the time of my life!

To give you some idea of what I look like: I stand 5ft.-6in. tall, with a light complexion, medium brown eyes, and black hair.

I am a christian who is in love with her maker. He just totally healed my body from Type II Diabetes. FULL RECOVERY! Through that ordeal I learned how to lean and depend on him for everything, even finding my companion. He's out there! Who knows maybe he's reading this right now. If so, let me know of your interest. If I am boring anyone with this information then I apologize, but you do have choices. Okay? This testimony is helping someone, I just know it is!

To let you know just how heart-felt everything I'm saying is: I have tears running from my face as I type.(I guess I need to stop before I wet up my key pad).

You know it's something to be told that you are going to lose your fingers, and your toes, and probably have your sight leave you within a few months. And for you to actually see hair falling from your head, and your teeth start to loosen from your gums.
When you get a simple hang-nail one day, and a week later it sets up gangrene, and actually rottening. Could you take that?

Well, that's what happened to me. Up until 2 months ago, that was me! Why me? What did I ever do to deserve losing a beautiful "smile", and it be replaced with infected gums, and teeth literally falling form my mouth? What could I do? Give up? Let the enemy finish what he so easily started? I DON'T THINK SO!

I simply prayed, believed, and received. Oh, I'm not going to say that I wasn't afraid, because hey, I was, but sometimes fear is our defense mechanism in disguise.
Now,"everything that was wrong", is "RIGHT". No one can tell me that there is not a God, and that he is not in the BLESSING BUSINESS.


Okay, Okay, I'm gonna get out of your way now. If any one can relate to what I have said, in any way, please let me know. Okay? God bless you, and you keep smiling. I love you!

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