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Welcome to a site that is not about anything in particular, it is just here to either try to make you laugh, inform you or help you with various things.

So here goes.

Here's a Leeds Service Crew Website.
Leeds United Service Crew

Im gunna talk about what I'm into.
My favourite band is Pantera, I play bass and Rex Brown (Pantera) and Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) are my influences as they dont just stick to doing simple bass lines like so many nu-metal bands do these days.

Here's a page with Bass Tabs of my favourite songs, mainly Pantera and Red Hot Chili Peppers
Bass Tabs

In my spare time I normally play on 'Soldier of Fortune' on the Dreamcast cos it's now finally come out or go see my gorgeous girlfriend Chaz, it's normally the last one that I do.

Here is a link to my favourite gaming website

Computer and Video Games

Here's a page for all things 'JavaScript', its pointless really but I just thought I'd put it on.

Here I'm gunna put a page with various maps and mods for different games including-'Soldier of Fortune',
'Half-Life', 'Command & Conquer' and other games.

Game Mods

Heres My favourite football teams badge and a link to the Leeds United Website

Leeds United
I am an avid Leeds United fan
I hate Man United as the supporters are all glory supporting Scum.

Heres a link to various things about Leeds United, including History and Club details
My Leeds United page