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Yay! Im so sorry 4 da delay guys but i just couldnt get in2 geocities 2 edit my site 4 some strange and unknown reason! Everything is now back on track though!

Hiya! Welcome to my Dogz adoption site! Here you can adopt any of the dogz that I have bred via e-mail! You can also e-mail me with suggestions for what dogz I should breed together next, show your dogz, chat 2 other members and write your own newspaper articles! For details enter the site via the link below!

Before you can do anything you hav 2 join! he he! (no pressure!) This is because its easier for me to organise shows and evrything. lol. also, if you are a member, if you win a show it will go on your member page and will be recorded instead of just chucked down the drain! lol! Also, only dogz that you have signed up to be part of this site can be entered in shows. you can email me at glitzydogzadoptionz@yahoo.com with any other dogz you wish to put on but, remember, you can only sign up upto 5 dogz. please join!

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. All piccys must be in .JPG form before you put them on the internet using any file uploader eg www.pagebarn.com, www.webshots.com, www.worldisround.com. You do this by going into paint, opening the piccy then saving it as .JPEG using the save as button the selecting .JPG from the drop down menu. You need to get the piccys on the internet to get the url which is the address in the address box that leads to the pic. If you are asked for the url in a form just open the piccy ON THE INTERNET using pagebarn or one of the other things then copy and paste that code in the address box. None of your personal details will be shown on this site.


New litter been born! I found a way to make them age quicker so the upcoming adoptionz page is no longer needed!


New article in the paper. Visit newspaper page for more details.


Pipsel adopted Bafter!! woo hoo!


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