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About the newsletter

Today, one of the stabilising and uniting factors between people and institutions in different countries is the news we read. Responsibility for managing international affairs
(or global governance) belongs to various actors from multinational companies to non-governmental organisations.  Even actions in the daily lives of ordinary people are linked to this macroworld of governance. It is necessary for governance and business people - such as those employed in investments- to have a full understanding of the changing world situation.

Global Advisory offers uniquely complete global coverage and a thorough commentary on international affairs. It is similar to the news summaries in The Economist, but it
covers the world much more fully- including most so-called frontier markets- and it is more focussed on each country's record in governance and investments. With each edition of Global Advisory, you can have the confidence of having read the equivalent of 300-500 periodicals.

Some of the benefits of the newsletter compared to competing products are:
- MUCH MORE INFORMATION- A much more complete record of global news; each week we report from almost every country.
- DIFFERENTIATED ANALYSIS- The majority of what we write is based on our understanding of local sources- supplemented by international sources.
- MORE RELIABLE CONCLUSIONS- Through the use of an independent analytical framework derived from best practice in private multinationals and at multilateral
organisations such as the United Nations.
- ACTION ORIENTED- As the focus on governance and investments caters especially to the interests of people who occupy themselves with these areas.

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U.S.$90.00 a year. Payments can be made by U.S. dollar cheque drawn on a U.S. bank or by pound sterling cheque drawn on a British bank. The cost in pounds is £110.00 for a year, £55.00 for six months and for an additional copy within one organisation.

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About the author

The author of Global Advisory is an experienced independent government and corporate advisor, having been employed in most advisory roles at UBS Warburg merchant bank in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas. He also worked as Asian Multimedia research analyst with Jardine Fleming Securities.

Following that, he studied journalism at Columbia University and worked as a journalist for The Economist. He also reported on U.S. presidential elections and the United Nations, advised on public policy for the Scottish Parliament and attended the Council on Foreign Relations. Recently, he has reported on contemporary European governance.

The author has a B.A. and a M.A. in Oriental Studies and Social and Political Science from Cambridge University. He speaks several foreign languages fluently including
Mandarin, Portuguese and Russian. He grew up in the West Indies, West Africa, South and West Asia and has visited over 120 countries on business.

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