HALLO! pffft! why? french.

Welcome to HPWF, the newest sensation on the internet. This page is dedicated to what could quite possibly be the most in depth and thoughtful piece of artwork of our times. It is definitely the most thought provoking piece of work of the 21st century. This miraculous work of art, remarkably, was almost never brought to the light of day, having been thrown away (not unlike Modest Mussorgsky's St. John's Night on Bald Mountain).

Without further ado I present to you the untitled piece of revolutionary art whose author is of yet unknown:

The true genius behind this work of art is the utter simplicity and minimalistic way in which the attitude of the piece is conveyed. The scene opens with our first character (we will talk more about his identity later) walking into the room with a friendly "hallo!" (it could also be argued that given his facial expression his speech could be better interpreted as "HALLO!" a resounding greeting) full of joy at seeing the second character. His hopes however are dashed however as his greeting is returned by a nasty, ridiculing response. Character one responds simply with "why?", and the lack of punctuation shows his baffled response. His face is full of pain and suffering, here he thought he was greeting a friend, why is he mocked by one he trusted and greeted, why would this happen. But the response he gets is not very helpful, simply "french."

This final response is left open to the most speculation in this piece. What does he mean by "french.", the truth is that we may never know, however I feel that I can offer a few suggestions:

The identity of the speakers

The amount of detail in this artwork is amazing, in fact I was able to fully reconstruct the faces of the characters using some classified government software generally reserved for the analysis of surveillance videos and expensive Hollywood blockbusters. Below are the results of this procedure.

Yes that is right! The characters are none other than Mao Tse-Tung and Desmond Tutu. The reason for hiding their faces is very evident however, to make the artwork more general. The fact remains that it would carry the same power even with different players.

An example of the above can be easily seen below:

Another example, but this time we move the scene to a bar and add an additional silent character (keeping true to the heart of the piece we MUST use the original script).

Once again the genius and boundless inspiration is revealed. I think you all must agree that the above piece is TRULY moving and inspiring!

Here we are able to shift the attention of the speakers onto the third party. Perhaps now they are both expressing their disgust at the ferret? The bunny attempts to greet it, the alien mentions it is useless, upon which the bunny asks "Why does it stick it's head into a mud of beer?", the alien replies simply "french."

Could it possibly be more elegant, this is a timeless work!

In this dramatization we see how the meaning can be shifted even further. Two doctors stand over a child, "hallo!" calls the first doctor to the child, hoping for a sign of life. The other doctor expresses his frustration, "pffft!" he says. The child dies, "why?" asks the first full of frustration. "french." replies the second, reminding her of that fateful day in Paris oh so long ago.
*sniff*, I'm sorry but I am about to cry the emotion of this art just forces me to tear up!


A group of protestors have gathered outside of the whitehouse and are using the above art to state the feeling of futility they have! Here is a photo of the picket line:

What a brilliant use of the slogan!

In this next example we see two pieces, the first will have the standard wording, while the second will reveal the deeper meaning, I think you all will agree how amazing this insight is:

Notice the woman's response is the same in either version. The brilliance is in the simplicity, using the long version or the simplified and elegant "hallo! pffft! why? french." she still responds with "What the HELL are you guys TALKING ABOUT!", truly a work of a master artist.


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