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Lucas's Global Issues Page

Ths Web Page is deticated to informing everyone about the current satus of our globe. Ask yourself, are we living more comfortably than 20 years ago. Most people you ask think we are, but why are we? We are depleting our resource, runing the ones we have, over populating the world and creating much waste because of it! We have yet to realize the true definition of comfort. What is it to you? Are you comfortable because,
  • You have all the things you need now
  • You can ensure that we will have all we need in 100 years
All of us must answer that, we have the things we need now. No one knows if we will have all we need in the future. In fact, at the rate we are developing, it is possible that we will not. Take a look at the topics below and decide for yourself what, if anything should be done about the way we live our lives.
As your looking at these topics you shoul try and concider solutions to these problems through the Problem Solving Perspective, The Futures Perspective and The Systems Perspective.

Lets first look at the Problem Solving method:
  1. First, you must find the nature of the problem.
  2. Ask yourself what are the causes of the problem?
  3. What are some alternative solutions to adress the problem.
  4. What are the advantages and disadvantages of this alternative solution.
  5. How can the solution be implemented? How can you specifically help and when can you do it?
  6. And finally, How can you evealuate whether the solution solved the problem.

The second perspective is that of the Future Perspective:
  1. First, What are some images of alternative futures. Look at some of the possible, probable and preferable futures.
  2. How can this issue be understood usign a long term time perspective.
  3. How can a preferable future be created around this issue.

Finally we have the Systems Perspective.
  1. First, What are key systems related to this issue?
  2. What are the imputs to each of these key systems, outputs?
  3. For each system, what are some of the components parts or subsystems? What are inportan aspects of the environment for these systems?
  4. How do all of the various systems, component parts , and aspects of the environment affect one another, How are they interrelated?
  5. How is this issue related to other global issues?

Now that you have some things to think about while looking at the topic, here they are:




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All information is from the links at the end of each subject as well as Dushkin/McGraw Hill Global Issues 00/01 Book