This is a free service meant for professionals willing to make business within and with Europe.
As seller you can : 
Liquidate your excess stocks that hang heavy on your outgoings
Promote your short-term sales offers at no cost
Find new distributors
As buyer you can : 
Place a call for tenders
Find new supliers
Find new business partners

Trade Leads consists of 3 sections 

A section view the offers to consult freely the whole trade leads of our database

A section place your offer where you can freely post as many offers as you need.

A section customized alert which allows you to be informed each time a new bid matching your choice is placed.

Functioning of Trade Leads 

Sellers and buyers have a free access to our trade leads database and can either consult them directly - view offers - or only receive targeted trade leads in their mailbox - customized alert.

Both sellers and buyers are also invited to post as many offers as they want, provided that they differ from one another (different products or services, different references...)

The offers posted on Euro Trade Leads are submitted to control. The publisher reserves the right at its sole discretion to remove offers that are deemed improper or inappropriate with the nature of the service or that do not meet the following criteria:

Offers must be written in English and must have a B to B orientation. Only one product or service per trade lead. The obligatory fields must be correctly filled in to ensure registration. Offers not placed in the suitable categories are likely to be rejected.

After acceptance by the publisher, your offer will be online within 24 hours (one working day)

So as to ensure the freshness of our trade leads database, the trade leads placed stay on line a whole month. Three days before the removal of your lead, you will receive a message inviting you to update your offer or to place a new request.
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