Welcome to my page. I am known as Global Nexus, Lucian Stokes, or Nicholas Stokes. Some know me as Giegue13 purely from IM, and Midwesterners know me as Fleetlord Atvar. Welcome to my website, please enjoy its modest accomodations.

Alright, I do suppose I should add a tad more to the site. It's currently under construction, if that is not obvious, as I am building the site's foundation. After I have the sections up, for the most part, I will begin to give the site a facelift and make it more...unique. This color scheme will be the main one for a little while, so enjoy it. Pictures will be added as I get them to add to the site, and after a while things will be going well underway. Enjoy your time here, even if there isn't much to do right now.

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