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Kakadu National Park

Kakadu is a few hours drive from Darwin. Stops along the way include Fogg Dam, Windows on the Wetlands, and the Bark Hut Inn (below).

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In late 1998 the Adelaide River bridge on the Arnhem Highway was undergoing repairs. During the day river crossings were by barge.

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As this warning sign indicates, salties (Estuarine Crocodiles) inhabit the Adelaide. The apparent bite out of this sign is most convincing.

Kakadu National Park is on the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list for both its natural and cultural importance. Aboriginals have inhabited this area for at least 50,000 years. There are Aboriginal art and archaeological sites. On the nature side, this park includes a unique diversity from sandstone plateau, savanna

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woodlands, and monsoonal forests, to rivers, floodplains, mangrove swamps, and mud flats. It is managed by both the traditional owners, local Aboriginal people, and Environment Australia's Biodiversity Group. This management has (thankfully) limited development within the parks to minimize the human disturbance of local wildlife.

Kakadu National Park

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