The Great Barrier Reef

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Be careful in choosing a dive operation, particularly if you are an inexperienced diver. PADI and other certifying organizations have ratings for dive operations. Ask at your local dive shop, chances are that a diver in your hometown has been to the Great Barrier Reef and can recommend an operation.

Deep Sea Divers Den offered a 3-day live aboard, with 11 dives. They were good about checking the manifest and logging divers in and out of the water and their pre-dive briefings were good. The crew was multilingual. As a new diver (first time in the ocean as I learned in a quarry), I was very comfortable with their operation.

reef-coral3.jpg (28445 bytes)
reef-shark2.jpg (7347 bytes)

White tip reef shark

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Deep Sea Divers Den's Ocean Quest stays out on the reef until it needs refueling, divers and supplies are run out on shuttle.


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