The Great Barrier Reef

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Whether you are a new or experienced diver, a snorkler, or just plan to go down in a submersible, spend an evening  at Reef Teach  (Boland's Centre, 14 Spence St, (07) 4051-6882) before you visit the Great Barrier Reef. This is an entertaining educational program on the reef, conducted by a marine biologist.. reef-coral3.jpg (28445 bytes)
As a new diver, I had no experience with underwater photography. But a rented camera did allow me to get a few shots to capture the experience.

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On land in Cairns, I stayed at Inn the Tropics,  141 Sheridan Street. 
This is not a posh resort; it is a reasonably-priced, clean, comfortable room. Management is helpful and amicible.
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This would be me,

reef-sunrise2.jpg (9009 bytes)

If you are getting up for 6:30 am dive, might
as well watch the sun come up first.

reef-sunrise1.jpg (14590 bytes)

Of course getting up at 5:30 am isn't great, but the view was
spectacular and, since no one else was up, peaceful.

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