The Great Barrier Reef

If you plan to see the reef, try to get SCUBA certification before you go. Being on the reef is truly the best way see its splendor.

You can get SCUBA certification once you arrive, but why spend dive time on the reef in class when you can spend it on the dive.

At least get the basic Open Water Diver certification, but I recommend going on to the next level, Advanced Open Water. The latter includes a night dive and deep dive, and allows you to do a little more than just the basic certification.



reef-coral1.jpg (27564 bytes)

The various corals can be as intriguing as other sea creatures.

reef-shark.jpg (7415 bytes)

White tip reef shark, although you can't see the white tip in this photo.

reef-ray.jpg (11987 bytes)

Rays are one of the world's most graceful creatures

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