Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is east of Darwin at the top end of the Northern Territory.You could spend a month in Kakadu and still not see everything. I was lucky to visit at the beginning of wet season, when the waterfalls are starting to run, and hibernating animals have awaken. Rains came in the late afternoon and early evening, but did not interfere with hiking. The flies were another matter. Travel tip: Get a fly net.
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Gorge at JimJim Falls
frilledlizard.jpg (12457 bytes) This little fella is my favorite non-canine. It's a frilled neck lizard. He didn't show us his frill, but he did run up this tree. Frilled lizards are dragon lizards and are most commonly seen in the tropical woodlands   during wet season.


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If you visit Kakadu, see Kakadu. You won't see as much if you stick to the sealed roads. Four-wheel drive trips are available for single and multiple day trips. This one day trip Kakadu Waterfalls and Gorges trip included the JimJim and Twin Falls gorges, hiking, 4wheeling, and canoing. You can book this tour through the lodges.  of the page. Later in the wet season, the falls are not accessible by 4WD. If you visit then, try a scenic flight.  For more information, click on the Northern Territory link at the top

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JimJim Falls Gorge cliffs tower 150 meters over head. From the parking lot, you have a 1 kilometer round trip walk through the monsoonal forest and over boulders. JimJim wasn't running much as wet season had just started, but the Twin Falls had a good start. 


En Route to Kakadu

Twin Falls

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