Kings Creek Camel Station

Our camp the second night was at the Kings Creek Camel Station, where Sahara Outback Tours has a permanent campsite. As we stowed our gear in the tents, someone spotted the camels out back (there was a fence to keep them out of the camp area). ac-kc-camel.jpg (16812 bytes)
ac-waterheater.jpg (13341 bytes) Don't let the phrase permanent camp give you the wrong impression. While this wasn't primitive camping and we didn't need to pitch tents or dig latrines, this was our waterheater. When the fire goes out, you get a cold shower. ac-kc-camp.jpg (16576 bytes)

Each tent had two cots. And the next morning I found mine also came with a scorpion.

ac-kc-roo2.jpg (20744 bytes)

An Aussie friend told me this was a mickey bird. I'd say it was more of a mooch. I stopped at the station store for a snack and this bird landed at my feet as soon as I crinkled the cellophane. ac-kc-micky.jpg (13019 bytes)
King's Creek Camel Station runs a kangaroo orphanage, providing a home to little roos whose mothers were killed on the road. Kangaroos make driving at night or at dusk a little more dangerous.

ac-roo.jpg (18122 bytes)



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