Kings Creek Camel Station
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ac-kc-sunset1.jpg (15689 bytes) In this view, the tops of these trees appear to be red. In reality, the leaves were green, but temporarily painted red by the setting sun.
The setting sun also intensified the red in the rocks. ac-kc-sunset2.jpg (13061 bytes)
Some of us enjoyed the roaring fire with  tins of VB  or a stubby of Strongbow while our dinner cooked. ac-camp2.jpg (29654 bytes)
ac-campfire.jpg (8344 bytes) We stopped en route to the station to gather firewood so that we could cook dinner. We gathered far more than we needed, and stayed up late to burn most of it. Nothing like a camp dinner with a bit of damper and Mark's chicken surprise.
Mark the Sadistic Tour Guide told us we could sleep in to 5:20 am. Good thing he gave us the extra hour, we were discussing tying him to his cot so we could sleep later.

Actually, Mark was a good guide: very knowlegable about the region, local culture, and useful plants.

ac-kc8.jpg (28968 bytes)

ac-chrissunny.jpg (12667 bytes)

Mark also bought some champagne so we could all toast the honeymooners, Chris and Sunny from Boston.


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