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We are a group of IB students from the International School of Curacao who are organizing the recreation of Erastosthenes.' historic experiment to determine the circumference of our planet. The experiment took place roughly around 200 B.C., and his results were so remarkably close to the real measurement that in his honor we wish to celebrate it by emulating the experiment that he performed without the aid of technology.

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NOTE: The experiment was conducted on September 21st of 2000 successfully around the world. The schools which couldn't carry on with the experiment because of the weather, please try again on September 22nd of 2000 at your respective local noon.

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Latest news:

Here are the latest news concerning our project Erastosthenes 2000

September 30th of 2000 (5:47 PM ET)

  • The schools who haven't still sent their results, because of the rain on September 21st but re-tried to do the experiment and have results, please send them as soon as possible to include you in our results chart. Please send your group pictures the schools who have not yet done so and the list of members who participated in the experiment. We will have the partial results by later today ET. Thanks to the schools who cooperated and worked hard on the experiment to make it the success it has been, we could have never done it without your global cooperation. More news soon!

September 22nd of 2000 (8:24 PM ET)

  • We will present our very accurate results soon in the web page. Please send your pictures and your results the schools that still haven't sent them please as soon as possible. Thanks!

September 21st of 2000 (4:45 PM ET)

  • Congratulations to all the schools around the globe!. The experiment was carried out successfully in most of the schools around the globe. Here in Curacao, the weather was perfect and we were able to carry out the experiment. Please send us your results with the pictures so we can post them as soon as possible on the web page. Also the schools who couldn't carry on with the experiment because of the weather, try to do so on September 22nd at your local noon. Any questions can be posted on the message board or email us.

  • After we receive all your results, we will post the final chart of results on this web page. We have a new results page for the new information we are currently receiving from the different schools!

September 19th of 2000 (8:51 PM ET)

  • We are only two days away from the experiment's date. If you have any last minute questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to drop us a line at the message board or contact us directly at our e-mail. Good luck!

September 15th of 2000 (7:27 PM ET)

  • We have added a message problem board in order for you to write problems or questions you might have related to the experiment.

September 14th of 2000 (5:44 PM ET)

  • The globe team website has been updated! We have added the members section with a small bibliography of each of the members and pictures. We have also added the history page to get to know a little more about the background of this excellent experiment.

  • Since we are approaching the projected date in which the experiment is going to take place, we have added technical steps to carry out the experiment correctly. In addition we have added the list of the schools participating with their contact addresses.

September 11th of 2000 (5:31 PM ET)

  • The globe team website will soon have the lists of the schools in the project. We will also be adding the history behind our project and a little information about each of the members of the global team and pictures from the Globe team with base in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles.

September 10th of 2000 (8:36 PM ET)

  • The globe team will be adding information about the schools already enrolled to participate in our project Erastosthenes 2000.

September 10th of 2000 (12:19 AM ET)

  • The globe team is going to add information about the exact steps to take towards the recreation of Erastosthenes experiment. The technical and theoretical information will be up in this site by later today or by tomorrow afternoon Eastern Time.

September 9th of 2000

  • We have just opened our homepage for our Globe team!. This page will be updated every time with new news concerning our experiment Erastosthenes 2000.

  • We have received confirmation of 20 schools from around the world to participate in this global experiment.

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