Global Eugenics

Eugenics: the study of methods of improving humans by allowing only carefully chosen people to reproduce

As of the year 2008 in the Christian calendar, world population figures stand at a staggering 7 billion, and are growing rapidly.

The result is massive resource depletion, massive global environmental destruction and massive pollution of the air, water and land base of the biosphere.

Surely, the current levels of stress, degradation and depletion of the global ecological commons cannot, and will not, continue.

A major correction is now in the offering, a natural selection or 'survival of the fittest' reaction, to "cull" the masses and bring population figures down to an earth-sustaining level. The numbers vary, but an 80-95% reduction of current human population levels is now on the books. That translates into a drastic reduction from 7 billion people down to between 500 million-1 billion, roughly.

A number of means and methods have, are, and will continue to be used to eliminate over 5 billion "useless eaters" in the years to come. Some of which include; race specific bio-weapons (AIDS, cancer viruses, vaccines and genetically designed influenza strains), cancer-causing chlorine and fluoride in drinking water supplies, the standardization and proliferation of genetically modified organisms (GMO's) in the global food supply, aerial pesticide spraying of food and living environments, regional and global radiological contamination (past above ground nuclear weapons testing and present use of depleted uranium (DU)- which has a deadly half life of 4.5 billion years- killing life for generations to come), unsustainable economic and agricultural development, bio-weapon lab produced and introduced flu pandemics (such as the bird flu), organized and orchestrated wars via the global military industrial/intelligence complex (with a 1 trillion dollar annual global budget and an arsenal of up to 50,000 nuclear warheads worldwide), family planning and forced sterilization (China's one child per family policy), abortion, euthanasia, deliberate toxic and chemical contamination of food and water supplies, orchestrated regional campaigns of genocide (Rwanda, Sudan, Cambodia, Iraq etc), the witholding of emergency food and sustainable water resources in areas experiencing starvation and famine (using food and water as weapons), and most recently, with regards to the consequences of Global Warming.

The threat of Global Warming has recently taken the top mantle position in the plans of the global elite to eliminate a good portion of the planet's current and projected population increase. Global Climate Change has been deemed the great disrupter because it will drastically alter the hydrological, agricultural, meteorological and overall life-support functions and cycles of the biosphere. The result will be increased temperatures leading to a proliferation of insect-borne diseases and the cessation of once fertile agricultural lands, the death of millions of plant and animal species leading to the weakening of the overall genetic genepool, world food and water shortages due to dramatic climatic shifts (sure to increase the global death rate in a world where 40 million men, women and children ALREADY die annually from hunger, disease, starvation and mal-nutrition), and most importantly, the permanent altercation of the viability of the Earth's ecosystems to provide a livable, sustainable and survivable planet for mankind to inhabit on into the 21st century.

James Lovelock, author of the book, "The Revenge of Gaia", has noted that because of Global Warming we are 40 years away from complete global catastrophe and there's nothing we can do to stop it. By 2040, more than 6 billion people will have been "culled" by floods, droughts and resulting famine. Lovelock has also stated that there are 80 percent more people living today than the Earth can currently carry, and that we are facing a period of ruthless natural selection. A billion people is about the right number for the Earth's carrying capacity and we are already at 7 billion today, according to Lovelock.

In 1850, world population was at 1 billion. 100 years later in 1950, it stood at 2 billion. It took 30 years to add the 3rd billion (1980) and 15 years (1995) to reach 5.5 billion. By the year 2000, world population figures quickly surpassed 6 billion. In 2008, its at more than 7 billion and counting.

Today, depopulation is the main thrust of the Anglo-American Rockefeller/Rothschild global elite. The New World Order is out to effectively and efficiently eliminate the majority of the world's population, while they themselves alone remain and are saved. It is the international banking cartel, based primarily in London, UK, who have engineered world wars, funded and financed horrific technologies of death and destruction and who are actively planning to engulf the world in thermonuclear, biological and chemical holocaust.

These interests are similiarly behind the insidious and needless level of pestilence and famine we witness on Earth today. $20 billion US dollars could provide every man, woman and child in the developing world with clean water and sanitation, saving the lives of millions who die from water-borne diseases in the Third World. Yet, this figure is merely 2% of the global military budget and remains unfunded.

The Anglo-American banking establishment is an international permanent war economy, a war crimes racketeering syndicate, the most vicious and ruthless in the history of the world. This insidiously evil, wicked and diabolical force in world affairs is responsible for the deaths of billions of human beings over time and will most likely be responsible for the deaths of billions more if they are not stopped.

The logic of their depopulation strategy is deeply rooted in the same ruthless and diabolocal manner in which they do business worldwide, a strategy which has made them fabulously wealthy at the expense of everything and everyone else. At root, they operate from a devolved, deranged and degraded level of consciousness whose hallmarks are greed, anti-life and in direct rebellion to the sanctity and sacredness of God's creation.

The primary weapon the global elite will use to depopulate the Earth will be by the use of food (using food as a weapon). The reasonable estimate for an industrialized world society at the present North American material/consumptive standard of living is between 500 million- 1 billion people. A more frugal European standard of living model puts that figure at between 1- 2 billion maximum. It is therefore the majority of the peoples in the so-called Third World (who have the highest population rates), that are primarily targeted for termination and extermination.

The use of global eugenics to solve the problem of overpopulation is NOT the solution, it is the problem. Rather than serve the 'dark side' of the human psyche and spirit to kill off large numbers of people, those in a position to affect global change need to educate the masses, re-direct funds into ecologically sustainable economies and implement commonly agreed upon population stabilization policies that will least impact the most vulnerable and most destitute in our world society. Harnessing the 'light side' of the human spirit as well as the intellectual genius of Mankind is the only way to secure the future survival of our planet and our species.

Steve Jones
Athens, Greece
European Union


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