The Squat Rack rates as number one for good reasons.It's the most versatile piece of gym equipment, allowing the largest and most important weight-training exercises - bench presses, squats and chins. There's no need for a spotter either, as the safety bars keep the barbell from falling dangerously low. Barbell shoulder presses can also be performed, as can decline and incline bench presses. This one is courtesy of E.Kan (175cm, 83kg)
For its price, the Power Tower is a very useful piece of equipment. No other equipment allows chin-ups, bar push-ups, dips and hanging leg-raises all in one. Dips work the upper chest and deltoids really well, and hanging leg raises are very helpful for getting a ripped mid-section.
Endorsed by Chuck Norris, the Total Gym 1000 is found at many gymnastic centres around Melbourne. It helps gymnasts target those areas of the body that aren't used as much during more common exercises.
If you're after larger and more ripped deltoids, be sure to encorporate this station into your workout. The total gym permits over fifty different exercises for every muscle group in the body. Soon you'll notice some muscles pop-up that you didn't know existed.

Just like at a commercial gym, it's nice to have an Incline Bench set up. Sure, the power rack allows the user to do incline presses, but if it's right there and ready, there's more likelihood that the worker can move straight from a decline or flat bench to incline.
The incline bench works the front deltoids, triceps and upper pectorals much more than a flat or decline bench. One of JNK's favourite exercises, but once again, rated as one of the least important pieces of equipment since it is already available using the power rack.

Obviously, the squat rack is incomplete without the Armless Bench. The bench is so important, because dumbbell exercises can be performed, without bench arms restricting movement. All sorts of exercises can be done on this, including dumbbell bench presses, shoulder presses and tricep extensions. This one is courtesy of E.Kan as well.
Nothing burns like calves, and there is no other particular calf exercise that is as useful as the Seated Calf-Raiser. This machine is dedicated to those muscles, so have a go.
The Preacher Curl has a big impact on the whole length of the bicep and forearms. And because you're sitting down, you'll find yourself being able to go on and on for a great number of sets. Feel the burn on this one and you'll really see bigger arms in the mirror that belong to you.
The Abswing is useful for getting a sixer without too much effort. Just sit there and move up and down, left and right, and even to the diagonals. Because you have to balance yourself, you'll find that your obliques will get a decent workout too. Try using it while watching T.V or something. Although, I don't really have a television.
This is one of the cheapest pieces of equipment, and for around $6, The Exercise Wheel permits a great abdominal workout. In fact, it not only builds important core strength, it also buils your lower back, biceps, triceps and latissimus dorsi. If you haven't used one of these before, try a two minute workout of about ten repetitions. I guarantee you'll feel your abs ripping up the next day. Some people I know have felt their abs ripping for seven days after. (K..Sullivan, J.Steendam and J.Wong)
What good is all the above equipment without weights. The Weight-Tree just keeps everything easy to find and looking good.

The Slant Bench is specifically for the essentric phase of the ab workout. You lift yourself with your legs and knees tucked in, and then lower yourself slowly, paying attention to your abdominals. The station can be set-up so the bench is almost flat or up to a 45 degree angle.

What good is a squat rack without Barbells? We have about seven of these at our gym, ranging from 4 feet to 7 feet in length. We also have a couple of ezy-curl bars, especially designed for barbell curls and barbell tricep extensions.

We have four Skipping Ropes. If you want to get ripped, get ripped through diet. If you want to get fit and ripped, use this. Nothing quite makes you burn calories as fast as this. Not even sex or kayaking. Try  it for five minutes - if you can.
Yes, we've all got one of these that we use to warm-up. If you're not warming up with the Exercise Bike, you should be sprinting with it. If you're not, your not exhausting your heart nor your quadriceps and therefore wasting your time. Repetitive bike riding shortens the muscles in the legs as it doesn't allow full range of motion. Use only as a warm-up or sprint for minute intervals.

Dumbbells are believed to be more important than barbells. Sure, with a barbell we can lift more, but dumbbells have their advantages. For example, dumbbells allow us to push the weight in a less restricting way, and also prevents the left or right side of the body from helping the other, ultimately causing an imbalance of muscle development. Dumbbells also allow a fuller range of motion.We have four sets of these.