I had the pleasure of meeting Eugene Kan back in the early months of 2003, in the backyard of someone's 19th birthday party. I walked past many groups of teenagers, it was dark, and I remember hearing voices, laughter, bottles clashing and the sound of modern rhythm and blues. Most of the people who attended this party were asian, but something didn't seem right. I heard a very ocker accent as I walked past a group who I thought were solely asian.

"yeah mate, yeah not bad mate".

I stopped in an effort to figure out what was going on. I joined the group - i knew a couple of them, so it wasn't awkward. There were five people - all were dressed in clothing that wasn't memorable - perhaps their clothes blended with the darkness. But what stood out, and what I haven't forgotten till this day, was a white bonds t-shirt fitted solidly on a body with massive deltoids - posterior and anterior. It was the human within this t-shirt that began speaking once more, "...hey mate, I'm Euge...you're Jennen right?" I was perplexed, yet...relieved. "I'm sure glad I didn't wear a Bonds t-shirt tonight...I now know the true meaning of deltoidism," I thought to myself.

"Yeah, I'm Jennen, pleasure to meet you."

Eugene's high level of skill in card games like Texas Hold'em Poker and Big Two, have seen him winning thousands at the casino. Eugene invests much time and wisely spent money on reading books written by the world's best poker players. This edge of knowledge of % of pot-odds combined with his innate ability to read people, gives him a reputation at Crown as an undisputed champion. And whilst it is a common trait for a gambler to go on tilt when he is down, Eugene's ability to keep a cool head is an attribute only to be envious of.

The sportsman, investor of shares, cook and metrosexual, enjoys reading the newspaper on the weekends and going for a motorbike ride in the hills.