since then, the AGM has successfully made it's way into the top twenty online interactive magazines in the world. It's main aim is to arm young men, between the ages of 18 and 23, with important information on fashion, sex, exercise, ethics and of course, current affairs. Below are the scheduled AGM's of 2015. Many of the males photographed for front pages have been dedicated subscribers to the magazine.

A great start to the year, the January 2015 AGM sold three times as many copies as the December 2014 issue.

Feature: One of our subscribers - Ahilan Srikantha: A highly educated and wealthy young man who graduated from Monash University studying accounting, banking and finance. Now residing in Switzerland, Ahilan owns a successful company named 'HEALS', a distributor of very fine semi-fused dress suits for men. If you think that's impressive, try this...he designed all forty-two styles.

The front cover features Ahilan with best friend, Elaine Gan, who graduated from the same high school in Melbourne. As his secretary, she is responsible for organising all his appearances and interviews, and in return, is handsomely paid - she also gets to travel first class all around the world with him.

Although it's most likely propaganda, Srikantha was apparently seen jumping out of his apartment window (second storey), onto the sidewalk and dashing into his limousine in a hurry to get to 'TIME' magazine's interview. The witness, an elderly lady, claims that it was dark and so was he, but she swears it looked like something a superhero would do.

It wasn't as popular as the first issue of the year, but it did sell more copies than initially expected.

Feature: One of our subcribers - Yashar Alinejad: currently operations manager of well known pharmaceutical chain in Ecuador known as 'Anything Over the Counter' (AOC). AOC's first branch opened in 2009 in Quito, and it's 'no prescription' policy resulted in a multi-million dollar organisation by December of that same year. Currently, there are fourteen branches throughout the country.

Since graduating from Monash University (Pharmacy) in 2005, Alinejad has travelled the world in search for a satisfying occupation. In 2006, he lived in Tehran and worked as a volunteer occupationist for the Baha'i community, and in 2007, played professional soccer representing Iran.

He is now married to a Portugese super-model and admits helping himself to the morphine that's available on display at AOC. "It gives me a natural high mate..." Just don't let your seniors know...they'll shoot you.

March 2015 was a blow...a mere thirty copies (not including subscribers) were sold, and over 90% of the buyers were of Sri Lankan decent.

Feature: One of our ex-subcribers - Adel Mohamed. He is featured, not because of his dedication to the magazine (he was an on-off subscriber), but because of his wonderful fishing techniques and his recent 'fame' due to the child molesting case of 2012, which was finally settled. In the article, it states clearly that 'Reverend Mohamed...hosted a sleep-over for his Youth Church Group at his mansion, but did not assault or sexually abuse any of the children whatsoever'. A law graduate from Monash University 1973, Mohamed represented himself in court. 

Mohamed has retired from the Church and says he...'likes to play cricket, fish and fight fat' in his spare time. Adel was named 'Lawyer of the Year in 1996' in Melbourne, and in subsequent years 1997-2005, did not lose one case.

Fortunately April 2015 was a hit. In fact, it saw the biggest sell-out of the AGM since it's induction in 2003!

Feature: One of our subscribers and ex-model for the AGM - Alex 'Endorphin' Chen. Chen graduated from Monash University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Commerce and Engineering. However, whilst he was studying, he was busy travelling Asia for various shoots. As most of you should remember, he attended the 'Anorexia Ball' in Hong Kong in 2004 to promote the act of eating. Chen put on close to ten kilograms a month before to show that even the best CAN and SHOULD put on some healthy mass.

Chen has now settled in Taiwan, and has become the spokesperson of 'MD Formulations'. He is also noted in the Guinness Book of Records 2014 as the first male to become a spokesperson of a female skin-care and cosmetic product. Every year in September, the spokespeople of the most successful skin-care products around the world, gather in Ottawa, Canada, for the 'Yearly Skin-Careful Awards' . Chen says he loves having 120 beautiful women up on stage with him. He is currently single, and loving it!
A good mag, a good month - just what we expected!

Feature: One of our loyal subscribers - Richard Vaudrey. Vaudrey graduated from Melbourne University in 2006 with a Bachelor of Music degree. An advocate of novice bodybuilding, Vaudrey entered competitions such as the 'Men's Health Magazine Fitness Challenge in 2004' in his youth. Though he was a keen sportsman, singer and highly-intelligent, his close friends never took him seriously when he showed them his bodybuilding poses, which he had practised for hours. Now that he has the 'Mr.Universe' title next to his name, his friends don't question him...who would!?!

The cover photo was taken in 2003, and inside the issue we see the rather HUGE Vaudrey that now lives in West 81st Street, New York. Vaudrey's attitude has not changed - he is still the same semi-vain man that he used to be in his teens. As soon as he was awarded 'Mr.Universe', he yelled out on stage, "Arnold, you're a WEED!!", as he pointed to the camera.

The biggest celebrity we've ever had a cover story on, and boy... did sales skyrocket!

Feature: Graeme Norris - not a subscriber, but in a live interview described the AGM as '...the male magazine to buy...'

Norris grew up in Melbourne, studying the violin (Yes! The classical violin!), and working part-time in hospitality. Over the course of ten years, in his youth, Norris worked at almost thirty different cafes and restaurants. Not being satisfied with the way in which managers treated their staff, Norris bought over a dim-lit cafe in South Melbourne in 2008, and promised to treat his staff with great respect. Within a year, Norris had already begun to make a net-profit! The cafe was bought at $130,000, and by December, his cafe had earnt back the total amount, and a little more. This incredible achievement was noted in Melbourne newspaper, 'The Age' , and not only resulted in an even busier cafe, but journalists and photographers from various magazines literally lined up just to speak to the owner. People wondered two things - why it caused 'Zappa' (neighbouring cafe) to close, and why it was called 'Joe's Diner' when his name was obviously not 'Joe'.

Well, what the public was not aware of, was that Norris quietly entered a competition the prvious year known as 'The Australian Coffee-Maker Award 2007', and came away with the award, as well as a $200,000 cheque. It was with this handsome amount that Norris managed to buy over the cafe, and still have enough money to buy his girlfriend (Misa Simpson), a beautiful new silver Honda S2000.

Everything seemed to be happening for Norris that year, and that's why AGM named 2008 'The Norris Year'. People from all around Victoria would travel for hours just to taste the finest coffee and chat with the friendliest staff. Australian icons such as Ernie Dingo, Jimeoin, Geoffrey Rush, Heath Ledger and John Harding had all stopped by, and even internationally recognised celebrities had sat down, including Tommy Hilfiger, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Chuck Norris, Benny Erquidez, Richard Norton and Tony Jaa.

Customers all agreed that it wasn't just the rare and wonderful coffee that 'Joe's Diner' brewed, but also the rapport that Norris established with them. Chuck Norris defined Norris as "...hearty and charismatic..." and was also the reason why Norris (Graeme) made it into Hollywood. Chuck offered Norris a role as his sidekick in the movie hit 'Three Massive Ninjas' (2010), and it was from the success of this movie that landed him principle roles in 'The Boy Who Wasn't Gay' (2011), 'Rocky, The Beginning' (2012), ' Libra Libra Libera Me' (2013), and 'Universal Soldier III, The Return of Seth' (2014).  
Eugene Kan was the feature of this month's magazine. We had great responses - readers admired Kan's multi-talented abilities. It really gave a clear insight of his lifestyle and achievements, and there is no doubt that he is one of the fore-runners of all the celebrities that we've feautred on the front. The articles delved into his texas hold'em psychological intimidation techniques, his exclusive motorbike safety checklist and, of course, his keys to building 12kgs of pure muscle mass within a month through a balanced diet and rigorous exericse routine.

was established in February 2003, and
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