Imagine having to put the 'sex barrier' up, telling your girlfriend that the reason why you don't want to have sex for the fourth time that day is not because you can't perform, but rather because you've just had enough.

Most men don't take long to have an orgasm, whether it's by themselves or with a chick. The way to become a better lover, is by being able to perform for a long time. And this is how you can do it.

Work out your pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, which is also known as the pubic muscle. This generally neglected strand of fibre is located between the pubic bone and the coccyx and the base of the penis. Together with your erectile tissue, it's responsible for getting your dick up and ready for action.

During Orgasm, the PC muscle contracts several times and then - at least for single-shot only guys, it starts to flag, leaving you limp. To give your erections staying power, i.e. being able to hang a towel from it, you need to work it out until it becomes a powerful PC.
First of all, to locate the muscle, stop pissing in the middle of pissing at the urinal. The PC muscle is used to do this. Depending on how fit it is, you may have no trouble at all, or you might have lots (in that case it would sting, and would be quite a challenge). Whilst doing this, you'll notice how the muscles under the base of your penis contract- that's what you need to focus on. Once you've learnt to tense that muscle you can do the power-PC workout whenever and wherever you want.

So tense the muscle, count to three, then relax it. That's one repetition. You don't have to do sets of reps and what not, but at least try to do them whenever you think about it - at the traffic lights, on the train.

In time, your erections will become harder, steeper and longer lasting. This is one work-out that is great without weight. Don't, under any circumstances, hang weights from it. If you practise this, both you and your partner(s) will notice the vast change. All the best, and let me know how it goes.