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My interests have always centered around education, the environment and two wheeled rides.

How to Waste Gas

#1. Start Your Car

We've all heard the admonishion to plan our trips. How about walking or riding a bicycle? Much easier is to delay starting your engine for as long as possible. Makeup should be finished. Mirrors should be adjusted. Seatbelt should be fastend. Who wants to hear that annoying beeping anyway? Then, you can simply start your car and go. There is no reason to "warm up" your engine with any car built during this century.

#2. Use Your Lead Foot on Both Peddles.

On the otherhand, you can save lots of fuel by keeping your feet away from the peddles. Just as you must start your car to go anywhere, you simply must apply pressure to the gas pedal to get going. Remember that the amount of pressure is roughly equal to the amount of gas. Going back to the bicycles: would you rather start off slowly or race to full speed? Which takes more energy?

Get your feet away from the peddles when you can. Coasting downhill is almost free! If you see a red light ahead, take your foot off. As you slow, you may have a green light by the time you get there. You may be able to avoid stepping on the brake which saves enrgy by using momentum.


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