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After 7 years and close to 1,000 reviews its time to say goodbye to the metal reviewing business. In that time my brother and I have gone from a simple site to voice our opinions on our own collections to receiving and reviewing CDs from all across the world.

Many Aussie sites have come and gone in that time: Full Strength, Primal Agony, Necrozine (just to name a few) and now unfortunately it is our time to move on. What started as a pastime ended up being a full time job and as we left Uni and got jobs and started familiesí time become more and more precious. As a result the site wasnít updated as often as it should have been which just isnít up to scratch and not fair to our readers and the bands and labels that went to the effort to send us their wares.

So it is with regret I officially close the site, it will remain active purely as a resource and home for our past reviews and efforts but from today will not be updated again. To all the bands and labels who supported us and intrusted us to review their music we thank you and we hope you continue to promote your art through the new breed of Australian metal websites that are still active and enthusiastically promoting metal to the Aussie hordes.

Horns up and Blast on

Gloon and Tyrant (ex Lord Pale)
R.I.P. 2001-2008