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First Published 22 February 1997
Most Recent Revision 14 January 2001 See Update Log

Hi, my name is Gloria Jameson.

I'm a transvestite.

Right here on this website was the first place I ever said that in public. It's such a boon to the transgendered, the Internet might even have been invented for people like me. Maybe Al Gore is a tranny :-)

For quite a while, this site was my only way of being part of the transgender community. I collected images of female dressing that stirred me and posted them in a gallery here. I marshalled links to all kinds of sites I had found. But also, with the support of my newfound friends in cyber space, I slowly built up the confidence to go out as Gloria in real life.

Eventually (with particular encouragement from Kellie-Marie Evans, thanks KM), I did just that, and I haven't looked back since. In fact, adventures out as Gloria in my native city of Dublin, Ireland are so much fun that I have increasing neglected this homepage, very much preferring the real to the virtual whenever I have t* time available.

Nevertheless, I want to keep this site up for what it small value it might continue to have. Also, to be honest, I want to keep it going because it was the very first Irish t* site on the net and it would be a shame to let it go!

I have got rid of the pictures and and the lists of links. I have, however, kept the section called "the making of Gloria", a series of ramblings from different times during my development, in case they might strike a chord with anyone. Feedback to date has suggested that quite a few readers enjoy them.

I have also kept (or rather re-instated, because it was down for a while) a section about my local scene here in Dublin, as a kind of portal for anyone Irish who comes across this page and wants to find out more.

So without further ado:

The Making of Gloria : a progress report

My local scene

I hope you enjoy my site. I can't tell you what number visitor you are: I've been through a variety of counters at this stage, all of them rezeroed, including a Geocities one that apparently counted a million or so visitors a week. All I can tell you is there have been lots of people here before you.

Some of whom have even taken the time to contact me. Please feel free to do the same yourself!

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