Nayib Estefan
  Nayib Estefan was born on September 2, 1980, in Miami Florida. You can say that Nayib has quite a spunky personality: He is very mischevious, a little prankster, and quite a loveable young man.
   Nayib attended the elite Gulliver Prepatory Academy, but was expelled for making a prank call to a fellow student's parents. He pretended to be a school official stating that their son was being expelled for throwing food in the cafeteria. Nayib claimed that he did this because this fellow student threw food at him. Gloria and Emilio told the principal of Gulliver Prep to please do the same to Nayib as he would to any other student.
Unfortunatly, this resulted in Nayib's expulsion. Gloria and Emilio took this very seriously and as punishment, grounded him for six weeks and had him work with the construction crew on the guest house they were building. He later attended and graduated from South Miami High School. He was part of the drama class where he participated on and behind stage. Nayib's creativity and interest in this business came to play.
   Gloria always keeps her children close to her while on tour. Nayib always traveled with Gloria and even became involved with the performance by opening for her concert with his band and by performing magic tricks. In "Gloria's Evolution Tour 96" Nayib made a special stage appearance as one of the cerimonial drummers for the 1996 Olympic Theme song, "Reach."
   A more mature Nayib, now 20, ventured out of his Miami Star Island home to live in Los Angelas. He attends Los Angelas Film School day by day and hopes that the public will be equally responsive to his roles in two upcoming indenpendent films. He hopes to write and direct in the future. "When you grow up on the road, you spend a lot of time on the tour bus, " he explains, "so very early on I loved watching movies." Even though he lives quite a distance away from his family in Miami and is unable to be by his parents side on tour, he calls his mom 4-5 times a day. Nayib's home is now a two bedroom, Art Deco-style bunglalow in L.A.
According to Gloria, "Nayib is a big ham!" Even though Nayib displays a great interest in film, he still loves Deejaying in front of an audience. "I just did this pre-Latin Grammys party in Century City, " he says, "and I had this huge crowd of 4,000 people pumping!"
  Hopefully Nayib Estefan will soon be recognized for his talent and come out of the shadow of his parents.
  Nayib is a regular kid that truely adores his parents and kisses up his little sister Emily whenever he gets the chance.
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