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{Wednesday ~ March 27, 2002 }

Some stuff about me

An old picture of me
or perhaps some more

All my poems - Or at least what I choose to put up

Underrated Yet Talented People

Stories from the dark, mysterious and cob-webbed corner of this peanut call a brain.

Link me.

Quotes, quotes and more quotes

Webmaster/mistress Tips(Or: Stuff that won't be yelled at you later)

Procrastination Land

The Weird, The Bad and The Ugly

Rest In Peace

Cliquey, cliquey

Join my cliquey

This contains the webrings I belong to.
The awards my site has won.

Music for the soul
This section is basically about songs that are inspirational to me. Lyrics, wavs and pics are included.

Yes, I really, really like them. . .


Beware the Guard Pug

Point!My life changes very quickly, so place this in your fav. places and check back often.

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