What's New

Wednesday, July 6, 2005

At this time, I have made the decision to take down the Drastic web page. I had a lot of fun with Drastic while it lasted, but do not think I would have fun with it if I returned to it. Therefore, since it has been seven years since the publication of Volume Darkness, I declare the 'zine officially dead. It will not return. Anyone who wishes to contact me can email me at my current juno.com address, buserian. I have come across a single copy each of Volume Prax and Volume Chaos, which I might put up for sale at some point on eBay. Keep an eye out -- they might not be the only items of interest up for sale.

I would like one last time to thank all of my collaborators for their contributions and friendship, and everyone else for their patronage and support. Drop me a line some time and let me know how you're doing.