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Glory Bag
It has been noted for a period of time, that when fish are caught and kept in a closed, darkened live well for extended periods of time, they get very agitated when the lid is opened and light is allowed to enter. At that time they have a “flight” attitude. Whereas they will try to escape into the light.
The fish may be injured as they try to jump from the live well and are being pursued by the angler. Also when the fish are lose in the live well and have to be caught for weighing or culling they are chased around the area and become traumatized. This can also cause the fish to lose valuable ounces in a tournament situation.
It has also been noted that while in the free floating bag, the fish are perfectly content, and do not attempt to escape when the live well lid is opened. The angler can reach in and pick out the fish by the bag, never having to touch the fish. This feature is also very important as the fish are not touch by human hands after they are taken off the hook, therefore hardly any natural slime is removed from the fish’s body.
The color coded zippers on the bag will enable the angler to recognize which is his larger or smaller fish at a glance, and be able to replace the small fish as larger ones are caught. This eliminates the colored clips, which are things that are inserted in the mouth that can cause damage to any of the fish, and can get tangled in other clips, thus tearing the mouth.
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