The Cast

Their is a biography on both the character and actor.

Name: Eddie Cahill
With memorable appearances on "Friends," "Felicity" and "Sex and the City," Eddie Cahill catapulted to stardom in 2001. Now, he stars on the new drama "Glory Days" from Kevin Williamson as wunderkind novelist Mike Dolan, who returns to his hometown after "loosely" depicting the denizens of Glory in a best-selling murder mystery about the bizarre events surrounding his father's supposedly accidental death.
MIKE DOLAN - A twenty-something has been writer, whose one and only best selling novel, "Glory Days", was a thinly veiled fictional novel based on his hometown and its inhabitants. The book's characters received less than complimentary descriptions and did little to help solidify his relationships with both family and friends. Brought back to Glory by a mysterious letter, Mike is following his natural curiosity that his father's murder was not an accident. With a very personal mystery to solve and many relationships to mend, Mike will have to put in some quality time back home on Glory Island.

Name: Poppy Montgomery:
Poppy Montgomery earned rave reviews last year when she starred as Marilyn Monroe in the miniseries "Blonde," based on Joyce Carol Oates' novel about the screen legend. Montgomery now stars on the new drama "Glory Days" as Ellie Sparks, a mysteriously appealing woman who is a forensic pathologist and the town coroner. Slightly removed from her own emotions, Ellie has the uncanny ability to dissect the intentions of those around her.
ELLIE SPARKS - As a forensic pathologist and the local coroner, she has the distinct honor of being one of the few non-native residents of Glory Island. She inhabits the secluded cabin where Mike's dad used to write, and has turned it into a government funded body farm to study the environmental elements of human erosion. Despite her odd profession this lady makes a striking impression with her sardonic wit and cut to the chase personality. For Mike it is love-at-first sight, but this is not an easy catch. His advances and charm must slowly wear away at her very protected and detached personality.

Name: Jay R. Ferguson
Jay Ferguson has been acting in film and on television for more than a decade and now stars in the new drama "Glory Days" as Rudy Dunlop, boyish sheriff of murder-plagued Glory Island. Born in Dallas, Texas, Ferguson moved to Los Angeles at age 6 so his mother could pursue a career in acting. He followed in her footsteps and landed his first professional gig at age 14 in "The Outsiders" television series.
RUDY DUNLOP - Mike's childhood best friend and the one who suffered most from Mike's overly descriptive crime novel. Depicted as a simpleton whose confused sexuality is the origin of his misfortune in the world of love. Fighting the stereotypes in the book, Rudy has made it his life goal to serve and protect the residents of Glory Island. If he isn't going to have a fulfilling relationship, a successful career will serve as a close second.

Name: Emily Vancamp
Fifteen-year-old Emily VanCamp makes her series starring debut on the new drama "Glory Days" as Sam Dolan, a funky and deliberately different teenager who strives for some edge and spice in the otherwise quaint but quirky town of Glory Island.
SAM DOLAN - The youngest of the Dolan brood, she is a mix of her mother's funky spirit, her brother's rebelliousness and a touch of her own sweet and vibrant spirit. With a face made for film, she is a natural teenager who constantly stirs up trouble with boys at her side. A true individual caught in the middle of a feuding family, she falls into the role of peacemaker using a sharp sense of humor and a wise beyond her years sensibility.

Name: Ben Crowley
A new face to television, Ben Crowley makes his debut on the new drama "Glory Days" as the charismatic teenager Zane Walker.
ZANE WALKER - Cute with troubled charisma and a head full of un-applied brain cells. As Hazel's somewhat lost son, he is kept on a short leash after making one bad decision after another. Like Sam, he is always looking for ways to amuse himself and usually it leads him to a web of trouble. But it is always his not-so-discreet love for Sam that leads him into the stickiest of situations. For now he is content to be Sam's best friend, but what the future will hold for these two only fate will tell.

Name: Amy Stewart
Fresh from memorable guest appearances on “ER” and “The Practice,” Amy Stewart makes her series starring debut as workaholic newspaper mogul Sara in the new drama “Glory Days.”
SARA DOLAN - Stuck in the role of the eldest Dolan child, she is often over-looked and counted on for her reliability. On the surface she appears shrewd and unemotional to compliment her job as the editor-in-chief of the Glory Gazette. The token "old maid" in Mike's book, she too feels like she must fight the unflattering role that seems to be written in stone. Her callousness with Mike serves to mask her insecurities, but her shell may just be broken with a little love and attention.

Name: Theresa Russell
Screen siren Theresa Russell made her acting debut at age 19 in the film adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Last Tycoon" directed by the late, great Elia Kazan and starring screen legends Robert Mitchum, Robert DeNiro and Jack Nicholson. Now, she stars in the new Kevin Williamson drama "Glory Days" as Hazel Walker, Glory Island's aging bombshell and owner of the small town's diner.
HAZEL WALKER - Owner of the town's most popular eatery, Hazel is also the "other woman" in the eyes of the Dolan family. Her past indiscretions with Mike's father made her a perfect scapegoat as the murderer in Mike's novel. Her secret desire to repair her friendship with Mitzi Dolan will take years, but the task may be made easier with the support and love of her son, Zane.

Name: Frances Fisher
An accomplished actress, Frances Fisher is best known for her unforgettable roles in Academy Award-winning films including "Titanic" and "Unforgiven." In "Glory Days," Fisher stars as as Mike's (Eddie Cahill) eccentric mother, Mitzi Dolan, who he unflatteringly portrayed in his book as imbalanced and bipolar, perhaps not such an exaggeration.
MITZI DOLAN - Mike's mother and a woman full of entertaining energy and off-balanced logic. She would never claim to be an ordinary mother and it is her creative and open philosophies about life that make her unique. Having endured her husband's affair in reality, she was none-to-pleased to have to re-live it in Mike's novel. But at a basic level, she will support all her children unconditionally and remain fiercely protective as any loving mother would.