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There's the old myth, 'you can never go home again,' but what if home is the only place you can always go to? - Glory Days

Update 2/28/02: Rumors are flying that Glory Days will be cancelled, if you want to help save the show there is a petition you can sign to show your support, & thanks to Rose for the petition. Also I don't have a lot of free time so I'm looking for people to help out by sending links to Glory Days related sites, photos, also some fan fiction, anything Glory Days related. Also if anyone wants to host us for free please email me! because this is a free geocities site and we're sometimes unavailable because of the traffic load. If you host us we'll put a banner or something to your site. Also the glory days clique is almost ready, it will have fan sites, so if the clique isn't up and running yet just email me your links, fan pages of the actors/actresses are fine, anything creative. That's about it, but please, if you have suggestions or ideas for the site post them in the forum or email them to me. Thanks - Hall Witter

12/10/01: Synopsis for the first episode, Glory Days commercial aired tonight on the WB and the show is still scheduled to debut in January:

Debuting on the WB in January 2002 "GLORY DAYS" is the story of burnt-out mystery writer, Mike Dolan (played by Eddie Cahill of "Friends" "Sex and the City"), who returns to his hometown of Glory. A breeding ground for eerie events, bizarre happenings and peculiar inhabitants. The killer cast played by Frances Fisher ("Titanic"), Jay Ferguson ("The In Crowd") and Theresa Russell ("The Believer," "Black Widow") among others, combine to create a mysterious hamlet, where truth is often stranger than fiction, and sometimes even deadly.

Fresh out of college, Mike Dolan wrote the acclaimed murder mystery novel "Glory Days" and settled quickly into a life of notoriety and small fortune in NYC. The unintentionally autobiographical book retold the details of his father's accidental death with a dramatic spin. Using the picturesque, yet peculiar town of Glory as the backdrop for his story, Mike's family and friends became the fodder for his fiction and an exorcism for his mental demons. With a flare for dramatic license, no one was spared from full disclosure and exaggeration of the truth normally kept behind closed doors.

Now, Mike is faced with creating a much anticipated sophomore effort in his writing career. With his inspiration a plane and ferry ride away, Mike returns home looking for a new leash on life, and maybe even some closure to his fathers death. But, before his feet can hit the ground, Mike is harshly reacquainted with the inspiration of his creativity. Just off the tranquil shores of Glory Island, one of the ferry passengers accidentally goes overboard and meets a deadly fate with the propellers and the surging icy waters. Mike, along with the man's son, can do nothing but watch helplessly as a life is extinguished before their very eyes.

When the ferry eventually comes to shore, Mike realizes he will not only be seeking answers, but also redemption from his past. The town's Sheriff, Rudy Dunlop, comes to question all those on board, professional and in control he falters for only a moment upon seeing Mike. Proof positive that Rudy is neither simple nor gay, as Mike so inaccurately described his childhood best friend to the world.

And yet, the worst has yet to come, since Mike must still face his family. His sister Sarah, who inherited the local newspaper after their father's death, has written off Mike entirely as a member of the family. As a workaholic competing with the nearby larger Seattle paper, some might say Mike's description of her as "icy cold and old maid-ish", isn't that far off target. Mitzi, Mike's mother, is somewhat quirky, but despite an unflattering characterization as bipolar in the novel, she is silently happy to see her son's return. But with an angry but loyal daughter to think about, she stays quiet in her opinions. Mike's one saving grace in this splintered family is his younger sister Sam. An all-around wholesome girl who strives for some edge and spice in the otherwise quaint but quirky town. Her partner in crime is Zane Foster. At 15, he is startlingly clever and usually puts his mind to use in the most adolescent of ways. His mother, Hazel, is the local waitress, not to mention mistress of Mike's deceased father. Although she is not the most respected woman in town, she is a good mother with an enormous heart.

The only person who doesn't have a problem with Mike is the local coroner Ellie Sparks. Slightly removed from her own emotions, she has an uncanny ability to dissect the intentions of those around her. Odd, but intensely appealing her passion rivals that of Mike's and she will become a confidant for Mike's trials in the small town of Glory.

It is also Ellie, who discovers a set of fingerprints that may just prove the man's death on the ferry wasn't quite as accidental as it first appeared. But then again, Glory Island is not a town to be taken at face value.

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